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The Sculpture, an example of a medium-threat anomaly

Anomalies are organisms, entities, objects, locations, etc. that all exhibit some abnormal phenomenon or ability that can not be explained with current scientific theory. These anomalies can range from being harmless, such as Mr. Fish, to being extremely dangerous, such as the Old Man.

Yellow Gearworks owns multiple Sites dedicated for the containment and research of these anomalies. Its most notable Site, Site-76, is home to many different types of anomalies ranging from Panacea to the Scarlet Lake. The main purpose of this Site is the research of these anomalies, of which it contains 31 different anomalies.

Threat Classifications

A poster detailing the different threat levels

Yellow Gearworks organizes anomalies into three different tiers of threat. Those being low-threat, medium-threat, and high-threat.


Low-threat Anomalies are the easiest anomalies to contain as they all have very little to no special containment procedures, but that does that mean they are without danger.

A good example of this would be Candy as it requires no advanced containment procedure, but can still cause immense harm to players. Another good example would be the Eye Pods as they are both very peaceful, and easy to contain and care for.


Medium-threat Anomalies are more difficult to keep contained then low-threat anomalies, but are not as hard nor as dangerous as high-threat anomalies.

A good example of this threat would be the Burning Man, as it is dangerous and does requires some advanced protection to keep it contained.


High-threat Anomalies are the hardest anomalies to contain as they require complex containment procedures, or they simply just can't be contained. These anomalies are usually sentient as well.

A good example of a high-threat anomaly would be the Shadow Child as it is very dangerous, and requires a very elaborate containment chamber that must always be kept up with. Another good example is the Suit Man, since although it is seemingly harmless, it is impossible to contain and very hard to research.

Anomaly Tips

  • Breaching, heisting, or becoming an anomaly all requires you to become a Prisoner or a Chaos Insurgent. Foundation can only use exclusive anomalies.
  • Anomalies may need a certain keycard level to unlock the cell, which is varied from Level 1 to Level 5. Some anomalies may have the same clearance as each other, some are different.
  • Some anomalies have a cooldown timer, which activates after the anomaly gets re-contained. During the cooldown, players are unable to breach it due to the cooldown still enabled. Each anomaly has a respective amount of cooldown time before it can be breached again.
  • Retrieving, playing, or breaching the anomaly requires you to head to their cell first.
  • Playing as an anomaly requires you to have a certain amount of money to spend. When playing as them, you will be granted extra features that will benefit you over time.
  • Breaching an anomaly as a bot will give you extra money and experience.
  • When unlocking the cell, the anomaly will spawn as an AI-Bot, or if you chose to be one, you will spawn as one.
  • Some anomalies can be stolen or used. When using an anomaly, you will automatically be granted extra abilities and mechanics until you die.
  • Some anomalies can be sold to the Marshall Carter Dark Agent, if you were quested to scavenge for one.
  • Heisting an anomaly requires you to have a keycard, but most importantly, a C4 (in most cases).
  • Once you completed the heist, you must sell the stolen anomalies to the one of the many Marshall Carter Dark Agents. Doing that will give you money, a respectable amount of cash, experience, and most importantly, a Bounty level. Foundation may often try to hunt and terminate the wanted player to receive Bounty reward

List of Anomalies

Anomaly Threat Location Origin
Santa Unknown Uncontained Original
The Vampire Unknown Heavy Containment Original

Anomalous Abilities

Anomaly Hazards & Abilities
Candy Candy is a bowl of various pieces of candy. Each piece heals a small portion of health and 2 can be taken at a time. If a player takes more then 2 pieces of candy, their hands will be amputated and gradually lose health until death.
Clockwork Machine The Clockwork Machine is a large and rectangular industrial machine that has the ability to seemingly transform and convert objects into completely different objects, by completely unknown means. It has no apparent power source as well, which only contributes more to the Machine's strange properties.
Desert Tetrahedron The Desert Tetrahedrons are a collection of very fragile structures that seem to be able to contain more mass than what their small sizes would suggest. They are 1 of the 5 heists in Site-76.
Explosive Bat The Explosive Bat resembles a wooden bat from the sport of Baseball. When the Explosive Bat comes into contact with another certain specie, the victim and possibly the batter, will explode.
Eye Pods The Eye Pods are a pair of two teardrop-shaped creatures. They are peaceful and have a dog-like attitude. If a player comes into contact with the Eye Pods, they will follow the player around for a few seconds-minutes before leaving.
Fish Man The Fish Man is a harmless humanoid whose only anomalous trait is its fish head, which resembles a Clownfish. It can not fight back in any way, and will quickly run away if damaged (only occurs with the NPC Fish).
Jade Ring The Jade Ring is a small green ring that has that grants the wearer immunity against the Plague Doctor's touch, and the Melancholy Lamp. It slows down its host and causes their screen to become greyish.
Lovecraftian Locket The Lovecraftian Locket is a small locket that raises its wearer's health to 400 HP and gives them a health regeneration rate of 6 HP every 1 second. However, if the player reaches the 400 max health, they will die and create a Flesh Beast.
Melancholy Lamp The Melancholy Lamp is a small bronzish lamp that causes monochromatism in whoever crosses its light. Affected players hey will walk slower than normal and have their screen turn to shades of gray.
Monolith The Monolith is a large and rectangular obelisk that emits strange wave emissions that disrupts nearby electronics. Currently, it doesn't affect gameplay and does not affect the Tablet.
Panacea Panacea is a red rectangular cube presumably to be composed of red pills. When players eat this cube, their health will regenerate insanely fast and will cure the player from the Zombie Pathogen or other known diseases.
Sentient Coffee Machine The Sentient Coffee Machine resembles and seems to be the same model as the regular Coffee Machines located across the Site. The Coffee Machine is anomalous in that it can speak in limited sentences and can create anomalous drinks.
Skeleton Key The Skeleton Key is able to open any regular door in Site-76. It can open any door ranging from those with Level 1 to Level 6 Clearance. It can also be used to breach or unlock any anomaly in the facility. However, it can not be used to open sealed or locked doors.
The Burger The Burger is a sentient cheeseburger that speaks in improper English. Any attempt to touch or eat it will cause The Burger to defend itself by shooting French Fries towards the people that sought to threaten it.
The Painting The Painting was a small portrait created by a Group of Interest called "Are We Cool Yet?". People who look at The Painting will not be able to look away, unless its container's lid is dropped back down.
Unusual Amulet The Unusual Amulet is a possessive amulet that turns it's wearer into a copy of Dr. Bright. This also changes the wearers team to the Foundation

Anomaly Hazards & Abilities
Burning Man The Burning Man is a constantly burning humanoid. It attacks players by igniting them on fire once they come into contact with it.
Doorman The Doorman is a hunched humanoid that hides behind doors. When a player opens the door, the Doorman will knockdown, empty the stamina, and blur the players vision. It will quickly run away afterwards.
Living Room The Living Room is a large and tumor-like organism. The inside of the organism features a living room with décor created from the flesh of the anomaly. It uses spiked tentacles to protect its inside from players. It is 1 of the 5 heists in Site-76.
Plague Doctor The Plague Doctor is a violet humanoid dressed in the attire of a plague doctor. The Doctor attempts to cure players from the "Pestilence" with its fetal-touch. Players "cured" by the Plague Doctor turn into the animated corpses known as The Cured.
Stick Insect The Stick Insect is an an almost-invisible entity that can not be seen in-game. It is unknown if the Stick Insect is still in its containment chamber as it is impossible to see. It serves no purpose in-game.
Telekill Alloy The Telekill Alloys are a series of ingots that do not show any noticeable anomalous behaviors besides their strange reflections. They are sealed in their own vault protected by Turrets in order to prevent them from being stolen during heists.
The Bell The Bell is a cowbell that triggers visual hallucinations in those who hear its ring. It can also be given as a contract item from a Marshall Carter Dark Agent.
The Sculpture The Sculpture is extremely hostile and animate, rushing to the nearest human extremely fast. It kills via snapping at the base of the neck. However, is unable to move while being watched.
Wendigo Skull The Wendigo Skull is a possessive and malicious entity that appears to be the skull of a deer. It can be equipped by Prisoners and Chaos Insurgents, and once equipped, will transform the player into a carnivorous beast.
Zombie Pathogen The Zombie Pathogen is a biological and airborne disease capable of infecting organisms and mutating them into Zombies. Zombies spread the Pathogen by biting and attacking other players.

Anomaly Hazards & Abilities
Old Man The Old Man is a sentient and violent entity that preys on players. It ambushes players by teleporting to them and dragging them into its Pocket Dimension.
Scarlet Entities Scarlet Entities are interdimensional creatures summoned by the Scarlet Lake and are presumably made up of the same substance as the Scarlet Lake. They guard the Lake and are hostile to nearby players. The Scarlet Entities can also be created by placing a player in the Clockwork Machine on the "Coarse" setting.
Scarlet Lake The Scarlet Lake is a large and red pool that is able to produce an infinite amount of Scarlet Entities if there are players nearby. These Entities are extremely hostile and will attack players during heists.
Shadow Child The Shadow Child is an entity composed of an unknown gas. It attacks its victims by slowing them down and draining their health. Once the player succumbs to the Shadow Child, their body will be consumed and vanish.
Shy Guy The Shy Guy is a violent and hostile anomaly that attacks players who view its face. If a player physically views its face with their own eyes, the Shy Guy will go into extreme emotional distress, before becoming enraged. It will chase down its viewer until they have died.
Suit Man The Suit Man is an enigmatic entity that can be seen walking around in Site-76. It is not possible to contain it and it only appears for some people at certain locations. It does not affect gameplay in any major way.
The Mask The Mask is a malicious and possessive entity that can exclusively be worn by Prisoners. Once The Mask has been placed on a person's face, they will be unable to remove it until the hosts die.

Anomaly Hazards & Abilities
Santa Santa is an anomaly very close to appearance to an actual player. He wanders around the Site-76 handing out Presents to whoever comes by.
The Vampire The Vampire is a violent anomaly that chases down the nearest player to attempt to bite them. If The Vampire bites a player, it will quickly dematerialize into smoke and run away. Players bitten by The Vampire will turn into Feral Vampires.

Playable Anomalies' Statistics

Anomaly Cost Gameplay Rewards Clearance Required Health
Fish Man $1,000 Fishy Business (Badge) Level 2 Keycard Level 2 400
Lovecraftian Locket Free Metamorphosis (Badge) None 400 (?)
Unusual Amulet Free Dr. Bright None 100

Anomaly Cost Gameplay Rewards Clearance Required Health
Burning Man $5,000 $140
140 EXP
Level 3 Keycard Level 3 2500
Plague Doctor $5,000 $140
80 EXP
Level 3 Keycard Level 3 2000
The Cured Free $35
20 EXP
None 160
Wendigo Skull $5,000 None
Level 3 Keycard Level 3 750
Zombie Free
20 EXP
Level 3 Keycard Level 3 400

Anomaly Cost Gameplay Rewards Clearance Required Health
Old Man $10,000 $150
150 EXP
Level 5 Keycard Level 5 1500
Shadow Child $5,000 $140
140 EXP
Level 3 Keycard Level 3 3000
Shy Guy $15,000 $50
20 EXP
Level 5 Keycard Level 5 1500
The Mask Free, must be a Prisoner None, but escaping the site will reward more. Level 5 Keycard Level 5 200

Anomaly Cost Gameplay Rewards Clearance Required Health
Feral Vampire Free, drink Scarlet Potion or be bit by The Vampire None
None 500

Gallery of Anomaly Infographics