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Site-76 awards players multiple Badges for completing various tasks around the game. There are currently 76 badges in-game, which may relate to Site-76.


Regular Tier

Image Name Description Actual requirements
PublicEnemy no1.png
Public Enemy No. 1 As a Prisoner or Insurgent, reach the maximum bounty level, and have an overall bounty of $5,000 Reach the maximum bounty of $5,000.
Nice Neck.png
Nice Neck Look away from The Sculpture. Get killed by The Sculpture.
Survivor Survive the Omega Warhead detonation. Survive the Omega Warhead explosion in a Warhead Shelter, or on the Surface.
I'll do it myself.png
I'll Do It Myself Arm and detonate the Omega Warhead by yourself. Arm the Omega Warhead and detonate it by yourself.
The Power of Teamwork.png
The Power of Teamwork With someone you have added as a friend, detonate the Omega Warhead five seconds after it has been armed. Detonate the Omega Warhead five seconds after it has been armed by one of your Roblox friends.
No Prison can Hold Me.png
No Prison Can Hold Me! Escape the facility within two minutes of being released from your cell, without the omnipass. Escape the Facility within two minutes of being released from your cell without the Omnipass Unlock.
No I am the Cure.png
No, I am the Cure! Resist the Plague Doctor's deadly touch. Be wearing the Jade Ring when the Plague Doctor touches you. (Guide)
Cured Die to the Plague Doctor's deadly touch. Get killed by the Plague Doctor
Anything for the sugar rush.png
Anything for the Sugar Rush Ignore the warning from the Candy. Die from the Candy by taking more than two pieces.
COFFEE MACHINE GOOD. In a single server, try all of the Coffee Machine's drinks. Purchase and drink every product the Sentient Coffee Machine sells.
Panacea Power. Cure the zombie virus. Cure yourself of the Zombie Pathogen by taking a Panacea.
Apocalypse 76 Bite another player while infected with the zombie virus. Infect another player with the Zombie Pathogen.
Yellow gearworker.png
Yellow Gearworker Join Yellow Gearworks. Join the Yellow Gearworks group.
Exotic dealings.png
Exotic Dealings Sell a Heist anomaly to a MCD agent. Sell a Heisted anomaly to an Marshall Carter Dark Agent.
A broken oof.png
A Broken Oof Heroically sacrifice yourself to re-contain the Old Man. Be in the OOF breaker (Femur breaker) in the Old Man's containment when it's activated.
Fashion statement.png
Fashion Statement Wear the Possessive Mask. Play as The Mask.
Fly zapper.png
Fly Zapper Die to a tesla gate. Be patient next time! Get killed by a Tesla Gate.
Jumpstart Turn the power back on after a Blackout. Fix the power after someone cuts it.
Powercut Cut the power as an insurgent. Cut the wires in the power room using the Pliers purchasable at the Chaos Insurgency Base.
Jailbreaker As a prisoner, use an explosive to blow up a wall. Blow up any surface with C4.
Five Dimensional Chess.png
Five Dimensional Chess Escape the Old Man's pocket realm. Escape the Old Man's Pocket Dimension.
Skeleton Key.png
Skeleton Key Acquire the Skeleton Key, an anomaly capable of opening any lock - physical or digital. Pick up the Skeleton Key.
Upgrade Purchase an upgrade from the permanent upgrade store on the left of your screen. Purchase a Character Perk.
Deep pockets.png
Deep Pockets As a prisoner or CI, successfully pickpocket a foundation member. Pickpocket a Foundation member.
Career Hit.png
Career Hit As a Prisoner or CI, complete a contract against an Overseer or Site Director. Complete a contract against an Overseer or a Site Director.
Pocket Bunker.png
Pocket Bunker Survive the warhead detonation by being inside of the Old Man's pocket realm. Survive the Omega Warhead by being in the Old Man's Pocket Dimension.
Lord of War.png
Lord of War As a Prisoner, equip an M4. As a Prisoner, equip an M4 by taking one out of an Ammo Can or by creating one through the Clockwork Machine.
Achilles's Heel.png
Achilles' Heel As a Foundation Member, get the finishing blow on an anomaly. Kill an Anomaly as a Foundation member.
No More Mosquitos.png
No More Mosquitos As a Foundation member, repair a fusebox by a Tesla gate in order to turn it back on. Repair a Tesla Gate as a Foundation member.
Back to the Drawing Board.png
Back to the Drawing Board Arrest a guilty prisoner. Arrest a guilty Prisoner.
Breaker of Cuffs.png
Breaker of Cuffs Free another player from handcuffs. Break someone out of Handcuffs.
Chaos Creates Chaos.png
Chaos Creates Chaos As a CI, help a prisoner escape. As a Chaos Insurgent, be near an escaping Prisoner when they successfully escape.
Home run.png
Home run Kill an enemy player using the explosive properties of the Baseball Bat anomaly. Kill someone with the Explosive Bat anomaly.
Rejected Fail an attempt to pick up the Baseball Bat anomaly from its containment. Get hit by the arm in the Explosive Bat's containment when trying to pick up the Bat. The chance is determined via your current Bounty.
Luddite As a Prisoner or CI, destroy a turret. Destroy a Turret. Turrets can be found in the Telekill Alloy's containment.
Weapons of the Future.png
Weapons of the Future Acquire a Laser Revolver. Upgrade a Revolver into the Clockwork Machine at Very Fine.
Automator As a Foundation Staff, repair a broken turret. Repair a Turret that has been destroyed in the Telekill Alloy's containment.
Great escape.png
The Great Escape Escape the facility as a Prisoner. Escape Site 76 as a Prisoner.
Boomer pane.png
Boomer Bane Temporarily stun the Old Man. Stun the Old Man by dealing it 1,500 damage.
Speed Demon.png
Speed Demon Imprint on one of the Eyepods. Imprint on an Eye Pods when they roam the Facility.
Fishy Business.png
Fishy Business Play as Mr. Fish Play as Mr. Fish.
Jewel of the Sea.png
Jewel of the Sea Steal the Pearl from Mr. Fish and sell it successfully. Steal the Pearl from Mr. Fish's containment and sell it.
Kebab Be struck by a tentacle in the Living Room heist. Get hurt by a spike in the Living Room Heist.
Weapons of Mass Destruction.png
Weapons of Mass Destruction Acquire a flamethrower or minigun. Craft the Flamethrower or Minigun.
Wildfire As the burning man, be hit by a flamethrower. As the Burning Man, get hit by a Flamethrower
Bane of the Cryptid.png
Bane of the Cryptid Take down the Wendigo. Kill the Wendigo Skull.
Night Flight.png
Night Flight As the shadow child, be alive during a power cut. Be the Shadow Child during a power cut.
No Disguise Kit Needed!.png
No Disguise Kit Needed! As CI, equip a MTF helmet. Equip an MTF helmet as a Chaos Insurgent.
Heist Lockdown.png
Heist Lockdown As Security, be in a heist chamber as it expires. As Security, be in a heist chamber as it expires.
Bust of Lifetime.png
Bust of a Lifetime As Security or Internal Security, arrest a player who had 10 heist items in their inventory. As Security or Internal Security arrest a Prisoner or Chaos Insurgent who had 10 heist items in their inventory.
Firefighter Kill the Burning Man using a Fire axe. Kill the Burning Man with a Fire Axe.
Old Fashioned Sculpting.png
Old Fashioned Sculpting Kill the Sculpture using a Sledgehammer. Kill The Sculpture with a Sledgehammer.
Comedy Gold.png
Comedy Gold Acquire the Clown Horn. Acquire the Clown Horn.
Janitor Duty.png
Janitor Duty As a Foundation Staff member, clean up 10 items. As a Foundation Staff member, clean up 10 items.
Anomaly Hoarder.png
Anomaly Hoarder Have the Skeleton Key, Explosive Bat and Bell in your inventory. Have the Skeleton Key, Explosive Bat, and The Bell in your inventory.
Prison Code.png
Prison Code As a Prisoner, take out your contract target with a backstab using either a shiv or knife. As a Prisoner, kill your Contract Target with a backstab using either a Shiv or Knife.
Verified Test Subject.png
Verified Test Suject As an authorized prisoner, enter a forbidden zone with your escort. As a Prisoner, be authorized by a Foundation member with the Tablet and escorted to a forbidden zone.
Metamorphosis Create the Lovecraftian Locket. Acquire the Lovecraftian Locket by placing a Panacea into the Clockwork Machine on "Fine" or "Very Fine".
Doctor Not-So-Bright.png
Doctor-Not-So-Bright Wear Dr. Bright's necklace when standing in the Melancholy Lamp. Acquire the Unusual Amulet and stand in the Melancholy Lamp's light.

Special Tier

Image Name Description Actual requirements
Coffee Thief Have your Coffee Cup Stolen Get hit by the Doorman while holding a Cup of Coffee.
The Overseer Badge.png
The Administrator Meet any of the Yellow Gearworks Administrators. Be in a server with a Yellow Gearworks administrator.
Am I... Dreaming?.png
Am I... Dreaming? Perhaps you are. But in the end, I guess you'll never know... Witness the appearance of Suit Man in every location.
Wild goose chase.png
Wild Goose Chase Collect all of the special Polaroids. Find and collect every Polaroid in the same server.


Modern problems.png
Modern Problems, Modern Solutions Uncover the makers of the Sculpture. Take the Explosive Bat and destroy The Sculpture with it. Then, pick up the dropped item and open it Note: You must have slot 5 open in your hotbar. (Guide)
Bazza Bash.png
Bazza Bash When Big Bazza said "GIVE US A GOAL" I really felt that. Stun an NPC Plague Doctor using your fists.
Gesture of Appreciation.png
Gesture of Appreciation Neat! Find the plaque hidden behind a closet in the long hallway leading into the Telekill Alloy and click on the plaque. (Awards 1k cash)
Mother of All Omelettes.png
Mother of All Omelettes Can't fret over every egg. Acquire the Golden Frying Pan by placing a Frying Pan into the Clockwork Machine on Very Fine. (5% to get it)

Image Name Description Actual requirements
I can't Belive It's Not Witching Hour.png
I Can't Believe It's Not Witching Hour Welcome to Site 76! You played during the Beta. Play during early access.

Was changed to the current badge picture

Am I... Dreaming? Perhaps you are. But in the end, I guess you'll never know... Witness the appearance of the Suit Man in every location.
Under Pressure.png
Under Pressure Be crushed by the Old Man's containment. Be crushed by the Old Man's containment chamber after it breaches and its chamber falls down. Badge is no longer obtainable since b.0.1.6, due to the Old Man's chamber being remodeled.


Image Name Description Actual requirements
Hallow Harvester.png
Hallow Harvester Acquire a Scythe during Spooktober. Purchase the Scythe during Spooktober
Ancient Warfare.png
Ancient Warfare Acquire a Broken Sword during Spooktober. Pick up the Broken Sword from The Vampire's Crypt during Spooktober
Evil Essence.png
Evil Essence Slay the Vampire and pick up the Scarlet Potion it drops during Spooktober. Owners of this badge will be able to find the Scarlet Potion hidden in Heavy Containment! Kill The Vampire during Spooktober and pick up the dropped Scarlet Potion
Nosferatu Become a vampire during Spooktober. Have The Vampire turn you into a vampire during Spooktober


Image Name Description Actual requirements
Death By Sugar.png
Death By Sugar Complete the Present Hunt during the Christmas event and earn a Candy Cane weapon! Acquire the Candy Cane by putting every three presents under the Christmas Tree in the Prison Zone.
Naughty List.png
Naughty List Be given a lump of coal during the Christmas Event. Players who own this badge can pick up a Coal weapon in the maintenance tunnels. Acquire a Lump of Coal given by Santa. The higher the players' bounties are, the higher the chances are of getting a lump of coal.
Christmas Cheer.png
Christmas Cheer Be given a Christmas present by Santa. Be gifted a present by Santa.

(These Badges have not been introduced into the game's database yet. These badges were either leaked, randomly discovered, or a dev mentioned it.)

Image Name Description Actual requirements
Italian Scorn badge.png
Italian Scorn Kill a player using the Pizza Spade. Kill a player with the Pizza Spade from the Prisoner Cafeteria.
Komm Süsser Tod badge.png
Komm Süsser Tod It just keeps tumbling down... Unknown.
It Just Works badge.png
It Just Works Let Todd In.

(Optional) Open the door.


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