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The Big Content Patch was the 3rd major update to be added to Site-76: Prison Anomalies. It is one of the biggest updates to be added in terms of just content. This update added 4 new anomalies (Fish Man, Eye Pods, Doorman and the Living Room), more badges, and the now removed currency, Shards.

This is the update with the longest wait time in between reveal and release, as it was initially planned to be smaller, like the Small Content Patch, but was delayed as more content was added. See the gallery for the initial developer card.


Note: Changes not mentioned in the update's changelog are marked with an asterisk* at the end

Quality of Life

  • The Sidebar buttons receive new designs are all made the same size.
  • The Stats on the top area of the leader-boards are moved to the side.
  • World Indicators for Shard Sellers can be viewed by hovering over the Shards bar.
  • Heavy Containment now has signs to make navigation easier.


  • The Eye Pods are added and placed in the Foundation Area.
  • The Fish Man is added and placed in Light Containment.
  • The Doorman is added and placed in Light Containment nearby the Clockwork Machine.
  • The Living Room heist is added and located in Heavy Containment.
  • The Burning Man receives a massive rework.
    • Burning Man now has a heat bar.
    • Burning Man gains 3 new abilities, all of which use heat.
    • Burning Man no longer instantly kills on contact. Instead, it ignites players and insta-kills if touched again.
    • Burning Man Players are now affected by Water Cannons.
  • The Shadow Child also receives a series of reworks.
    • Shadow Child no longer instantly kills on contact, instead it slows down players and quickly deals damage.
    • Shadow Child receives 1 new ability that allows it to destroy nearby UV Lights
  • The Prison Zone gains 3 new defenses against anomalies.
    • Water Cannons to slow down the Burning Man.*
    • UV Lights to slow down the Shadow Child.*
    • Lavender Gas Dispensers to slow and stop the Plague Doctor from curing players.*
  • The Old Man can now be stunned after enough damage is dealt to it.
  • The Mask is now considered to be apart of the anomalies team.
  • The Jade Ring now works against Player Plague Doctors.
  • The Omega Warhead now requires at least 3 dangerous anomalies to be breached before it can be armed.
  • The Telekill Alloy receives a new containment chamber design(?).*
  • The Telekill Alloy(?), Desert Tetrahedron, and the Scarlet Lake(?) heist items get new icon images.*



  • Shards are added and are used to play as anomalies.
  • Foundation Staff payday is increased from $50 to $75.
  • The Skeleton Key's Marshall Carter Dark Agent Contract reward is increased from $85 to $1500.
  • The AK-47's price is increased from $15750 to $40000.
  • The M4's price is also increased from $16050 to $40000.
  • Roblox Developer Products now give much more money for Robux.


  • Six new regular Badges are added: The Great Escape, Boomer Bane, Speed Demon, Fishy Business, Jewel of the Sea, and Kebab.*
  • Two new special Badges are added: Wild Goose Chase, and Coffee Thief.*

Bug Fixes

  • Anomalies can no longer change teams.
  • A bug was fixed that allowed for there to be multiple of the same playable anomalies at once.
  • A bug was fixed that stopped Foundation members from switching jobs after the Omega Warhead was enabled.
  • A bug was fixed that stopped the Mobile Task Force from accessing their Contract after the Omega Warhead goes off.


  • Like most updates, the Big Content Patch's changelog does not mention every change added.


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