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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 12 March


Site-77 is a theoretical and possible game, organized and developed by a popular hit group called “Yellow Gearworks.” There are no confirmations nor announcements of Site-77, as it’s just a hypothetical theory. Despite there being no confirmation, the Shadow Forks, or also known as “QA Tester”, have made some foreshadowing messages that could possibly relate to Site-77.

Prior to the date Pirate Clash released, the game was progressively growing, 300 players were currently active. The admins prepared for this moment as they spent over millions of Robux into sponsorships.

They, however, missed one key fact: Do not rush for release. Since the game was released during Christmas, many players were out for the holidays, the developers also lacked t…

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 30 November 2021

Site 76 Wiki Revamp Finalized

After months of collaborative work with the Site 76 Wiki Administration Team, we have announced that the Site 76 Wiki is now finalized and competely redesigned! With our primary helpers, Dxrknrg, Totomavde, and RealDudeOhYeah, we have finally managed to make our official database a better place! This revamp has taken place from May 2021 - November 2021.

  • After months of diagnosing the problem with the CSS codes, I have finally managed to fix the issue and this means that the Site 76 Wiki is now compatible for FandomDesktop!
  • Disscusion Feed and Navigation Template has been added to sidebar, while DiscordIntegator has been removed from there.
  • All Navigation Templates have been redesigned for both light theme and dark mode, thanks to a Wiki Repre…

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Totomavde Totomavde 18 August 2021

Updates on Yellow Gearworks

Hello everyone! It's been a while, and I am going to directly explain why I made a blog title like this.

As you may have noticed, the developers of the Roblox game Site 76: Prison Anomalies have not updated the game for a while (except the recent Quality of Life improvement update, which has fixed some bugs and added small features). This is mostly due to the development of a new game called "Pirate Clash".

  • 1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    • 1.1 What is Pirate Clash?
    • 1.2 When Pirate Clash?
    • 1.3 What will happen to Site 76?

What is written here is not final.

Pirate Clash is a round-based fighting game similar to the well-known Roblox Galleons. As its name implies, the game will take place on boats, ranging from galleons to mesoamerican vessels. The playe…

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Paleontology4life Paleontology4life 7 June 2021

Submachine Gun

A sub-machine gun is a portable automatic firearm that uses pistol-type ammunition and is fired from the hip or shoulder. Site 76 has 4 sub-machine guns:





Due to their pistol-type ammunition, the SMGs are generally weaker than other weapons, such as the AK-47. However, they make up for this with faster fire rates, and in the case of the P90, larger mag size. They are better suited against players, as their low damage is ineffective towards anomalies with larger health pools.

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MilesTechBlox MilesTechBlox 16 May 2021

The Way I escape as a D-class

ok so I have found a pretty good way to escape as D-class and I want to show it to everybody

first thing you will want to do is to get a Level 2 Keycard a good way of doing this is by

1.pick-pocketing somebody (unless everybody is a new player with just security & foundation personals)

2.buying it at the Prisoner Shop or Riot Vendor its a little expensive if your new and just got a little bit of cash but it is a pretty effective way of getting one

3.finding a card, its kinda hard but we only need a Level 2 so it wont be too hard

okay so once you found a level 2 card you need to go to this big door in prison zone that leads to light containment and DONT go to the one where the there's MTF spawn, they will rekt u

once you go threw the gate go the…

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Paleontology4life Paleontology4life 11 May 2021

How do you get the Foundation team to listen to you

Imagine this (based off a true story): CI have infiltrated the Cell Block, placed around ammo cans, and now the D class are armed and killing everyone. You as the Site Director, beg the foundation to concentrate their guns on the cell block and switch on the power while anomalies are being breached left and right. The only people that show up are 3 security bois who are pretty new and yourself. Everyone else is drifting around and getting picked off by hordes of armed Class Ds and Insurgents. The MTF, that are gods when I'm a prisoner, now run around randomly Light Containment.

Please tell me, how do I make them listen?

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Overmax4709 Overmax4709 6 May 2021

Thumbnails for pages that dont have a gallery


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Overmax4709 Overmax4709 5 May 2021

Stop calling sd and mtf toxic

i know everyone is gonna get mad at me but sd are usually new to the game and dont know what to and mtfs job is to contain and arrest chaos and prisoners

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 4 May 2021


Some Site-76: Prison Anomalies soundtracks I found.

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Epic doge man Epic doge man 26 April 2021

Next potential big update?

Not saying this is official, just my thoughts. Firstly, we are aware that the GOC since a dev said it EXISTS! Considering this, here's an idea. Since the GOC wants to kill ANY SCP THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON. If a player kills an SCP, a GUI will pop up saying, After killing a SCP, the GOC took interest in my talents, they want me to join. With a yes or no box. If the player says yes, they will be a GOC agent for the remainder of the game, until the player leaves. Every GOC agent spawns with, a blue GOC morph, a ballistic helmet, with a yellow visor that doesn't affect gameplay, a blue bulletproof vest with a loadout consisting of a health kit, an average disguise kit and an AK-47. When killing an anomaly, they gain $8000 instantly. Secondl…

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Holic364 Holic364 26 April 2021

Scuffed Tournament

I am level 135 and currently have nothing left to do that is entertaining. Been thinking of organizing a 1v1 tournament using discord. Wouldn't mind if it stays as a group to 1v1 people but it growing larger could be fun. My discord is Holic#4056. Pm me if you wanna 1v1 or at least interested in the idea.

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Randomperson1345 Randomperson1345 22 April 2021

All scps i know and remember

The old man

The sculpture

The killer statue

The burning man



The skeleton key

The Burger

The explosive bat

The possesive mask

The counting station

The scarlet king

The gate guardian

When day breaks

Ourborus cycle


The aqatic horror

The bismark

Baba yaga

Humans refued

The poly morphic humanoid

The aristicats


The tides of war

Telekill alloy

The living room

The zombie plauge

Scarlet lake


Dr wondertainment

Proboally the entire o5 council


Mr fish

The lamp

the clockworks

Dues le machia




The suit

The dream man

The sleep killers

The tickle monster

The hard to kill reptile

The unknown

The lost Scp


The shadow person

The hand under the bed

The panacea

Tix tac two

The furies

Annimal tunnel

The tunnels under…

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Randomperson1345 Randomperson1345 22 April 2021

Roblox stuff

My username is :Harryaws3844

Im level 71

I go to grind servers as foundation to relax

Im thinking of going back to the days of heisting since it gave me 31 levels

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Randomperson1345 Randomperson1345 22 April 2021

Im a person

I am a person that is one of the 7.9 billion people on this planet

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 19 April 2021

B.0.2.02 Update

Version b.0.2.02 is a Update introduced right after the Shy Guy Update. This update is mostly bug fixes, optimizations, system changes, and removals.

  • 1 Updates
    • 1.1 System Changes
    • 1.2 Removals
    • 1.3 Test Server

  • Server Optimization (code refactor related to SCP containment & recontainment)
  • Missing doors, floors, and textures have been reconstructed.
  • Shy Guy's Physics has been improved, and he will no longer die in the ceiling.
  • Shy Guy's health regeneration has been nerfed, and will now heal 5 points per second.
  • Character Perks now successfully saves (secondary save has been added)
  • Emergency Lights have been fixed during a Blackout.

  • The Painting (SCP-1074) was removed due to performance issues.
  • Clipboard removed due to the same reason as The Painting (?).
  • The Scie…

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CommanderAnakin CommanderAnakin 15 April 2021


These are Youtubers who have made Site-76 content, and have made useful or lots of videos of Site-76.

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 14 April 2021

RBLX Interwiki Qualifications

If you do not know what I am talking about, please review my previous Blog Post. The link can be found here.
If you want to read more of the requirements, the link can be found here.

✔️- Approve
➖ - Alternatives
❌ - Disapprove

  • ✔️ - 1,500 total edits
  • ✔️ - 15 or more active users
  • ✔️ - One admin or bureaucrat who has at least 500 edits and is very active
  • ✔️ - Must have at LEAST ONE staff member with administrator rights that regularly is on Discord in the Roblox Wikia and Interwiki Discord at all times or your wiki may be subject to removal from the template.

  • ✔️ - Wikis MUST have 50 or more non-stub pages.
    • 23 Article Stubs in total, although, it is under-review.
  • ✔️ - All wikis MUST be user-friendly.
  • ✔️ - Content can be readable by anyone and on any device.…

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 11 April 2021

Joining Roblox Interwiki Project

Greetings fellow Site-76 Wiki Users, the Site-76 Wiki Administrators/Sysops have decided that it's time to join the Roblox Interwiki Project. Before we apply for the Interwiki, we need to finish the qualification requirements and boost up our progression. Site-76 Wiki has been released 1 year ago, and I think it's time for this community to be nominated in the Roblox Interwiki Project.

What is the Interwiki Project? Some people are really familiar with this, but you can see this template on most popular Roblox Wikis (Picture shown on the right).

From the Interwiki Document: "According to the The Interwiki project was started by Ender01, a bureaucrat on the Lumber Tycoon 2 Wiki on September 19th, 2016. It was designed to bring numerous Roblox w…

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RealDudeOhYeah RealDudeOhYeah 1 April 2021

Some Stuff

This is just some stuff that I may need or reuse later.

Wiki Header Color: #353535
Wiki Button Color: #a47719 Wiki Button Color: #a47719

Good L-T Color: #d9cb00
Good M-T Color: #cc7503
Good H-T Color: Silver / c0c0c0

LV1 KC: #063A68
LV2 KC: #c89202
LV4 KC: #6a0f0c

Gallery of 4 row w/ small spacing = 180px
Gallery of 4 row w small spacing = 200px or possibly more
Gallery of 3 row w/ small spacing = 250px
Gallery of 3 row w small spacing = ???px
Gallery of 2 row w/ small spacing = 390px
Gallery of 2 row w small spacing = ???px

Linking to other wiki pages goes as follows:

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RealDudeOhYeah RealDudeOhYeah 23 March 2021


Radios are small game objects found all around Site-76. They are mysterious as they are quite detailed for miscellanies décor and were only added recently.

This list has all of the locations I know of

  • On a shelf in the hallway leading into The Sculpture's containment. (Radio 1)
  • On a shelf in the Zombie Pathogen containment's observation room. (Radio 2)
  • On a Coffee Machine in the Site Director's Office (Previously in the SD's little storage area before b.0.1.957). (Radio 3)
  • On the inaccessible platform in the Heavy Containment Zone that can only be reached by ladder. (Radio 4)
  • Next to a cabinet in the Interrogation Room. (Radio 5)

Radios seem to have been first added in b.0.1.7 on September 15th, 2020. Though Radio 4 may have been added later.

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RealDudeOhYeah RealDudeOhYeah 23 March 2021

Site-76 Mysteries

Making this blog cause I don't think the stuff in it are big enough as pages.

In Site-76 there are a couple of unsolved mysteries within the Site.

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment as I would like to hear.

  • 1 Monolith's Possible Meaning
  • 2 The Level 989 Door
  • 3 Radios
  • 4 A Proof of huh? (Probably Solved)

One of the lead developers of Yellow Gearworks, Dhammapada, has teased on a few occasions in the Discord Server, that the Monolith codes a warning of some unknown event. He has also mentioned there being "a handful of secrets and feature we've put in but I haven't seen them mentioned here".

The Level 989 Door is a mysterious door located in the Heavy Containment Elevator Shaft. It is unknown what the purpose of this door is, but one thin…

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RealDudeOhYeah RealDudeOhYeah 17 March 2021

Monolith Numbers

Just making this blog to write down all of the numbers on the Monolith. The numbers are written on rows of 6 and columns of 6 to make ~36 unique numbers which are then are repeated top to bottom. * are added to numbers who are duplicates.

1: 131, 520, 067, 324, 131*
2: 520*, 231, 714, 131*, 735
3: 163, 343, 131*, 735*, 331
4: 132, 505, 700, 122, 111
5: 546, 636, 133, 165, 117
6: 655, 377, 112, 613, 001

After writing them down, only 31 were unique and some like 131 appeared a couple of times.

Some numbers share the SCP numbers of some anomalies like 131 = Eye Pods, 714 = Jade Ring, and 132 = Desert Tetrahedron.

Another interesting thing is that the Eye Pods weren't included in base Site-76, they came out in b.01.3. The Monolith came in the base game, so u…

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AWildTPoser AWildTPoser 16 March 2021

19$ Fortnite Card

19 dollar fortnite card, who wants it? and yes, i am giving it away.don't forget to share, share share! and trolls, don't get blocked! (trolls will be blocked, trolls will not not get blocked, i repeat)

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AWildTPoser AWildTPoser 16 March 2021

blog fish

the fish, the blog, they come together to make.... blog fish

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Overmax4709 Overmax4709 5 March 2021

What I want for the shy guy update.(OUTDATED)

Number 1 I want a prisoner zone revamp since it kinda boring

Number 2 I want a official gate a since I like calling surface elevator b gate a and it will be level 3 keycard access since you need a level 3 card to open the exit door


Number 4 Make red Lake give more money than the no death room

Number 5 New foundation roles because I am very bored of foundation now since I have sid and always plays ci

Number 6 More heist please

Number 7 More playable anomalies like dog and dino

Number 8 More anomalies

Number 9 computer

Number 10 Maybe we could have a janitor role where you clean up heist walls and dead bodys for money

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Epic doge man Epic doge man 23 February 2021

Shy Guy Update Predictions (And Some For Shy Guy Himself)

These are some images of shy guy! (OFC, there are some I have, just can't show.

Well, in our first image, we see shy guy's chamber, with the words 0-9-6 emblazed on the chamber entrance. Now, lets hold on for this. Shy guy, we see him behind a brick wall. If we look beneath the fenced floor beneath the clockworks, we see a small passage. I think this will potentially lead to his chamber. I think player controlled shy guy can ONLY attack players who look at him. Scramble gear, has a 50% chance to fail, for NPC, it has a 0% chance to fail. When looked at, shy guy will gain health per every kill and and get a speed boost. This will last for 30 seconds, regardless of the target is dead or not. I think shy guy's chamber will have scramble gear.…

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Epic doge man Epic doge man 14 February 2021

My Tips For Overseer

Hey there, buddy. We all know overseer has good guns and clearance, NOTHING can go wrong when your overseer!...right? Well buddy, if ya don't follow these steps, every prisoner will have a m4, ak, rpg, flamethrower or minium, level 6 key card, knife and any more bloody thing they can get their hands on. So please. PLEASE for the sake of my sanity. DO NOT FOLLOW THESE TIPS. IK IT SAYS 2 FOLLOW, BUT DON'T!

1messie load out. Overseer has the MOST GEAR out of any teams. That is a BAD thing. Arrange your most valuable tools to the right place. My overseer LOADOUT usually looks like this (if I only have default overseer gear) 1, mah minecraft device, 2, shorty, 3, eagles and beagles, lazor and da spy thingy (or handiecuffies)

2 mr. Craplevel. Be a…

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 14 February 2021


There should be 3 different types of Goggles, that will be implemented into the game. This is just my suggestion.

There will be 3 New Goggles/Masks/Helmets.


  • Will grant block Shy Guy's face from looking at it, making it not provoked.
  • NPC-Controlled Shy Guy = Buffs the Goggles to 75% Accuracy.
  • Player-Controlled Shy Guy = Buffs the Goggles to 50% Accuracy by default, due to general balancing.
  • When the player is sprinting with the goggles on and the player saw Shy Guy's face, it will immediately extract 5% - 10% Accuracy, since the light reached the human's eye before the microprocessor's system did.
  • When Shy Guy is running, it will immediately extract 15% - 20% Accuracy, since the light reached he human's eye before the microprocessor's sy…

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 13 February 2021

Living Room Revamp

Ok, so I thought of an idea, to revamp the Living Room.

  • 1 Eating
  • 2 Blackout
    • 2.1 Suggestion #1:
    • 2.2 Suggestion #2

So according to the SCP Lore, the Living Room will trap anyone entering inside the room, and will immediately and violently convert someone into a biological flesh aspect. Well, when the two buttons were triggered during the heist, it should shock the Living Room, temporarily stunning it. The timer and robbery time will normally be the same, however, if any players are still inside the room, and mismanages to leave the room before the timer ends, they will immediately get sucked and die, due to the Living Room.

  • Whenever there is a power outage, whenever the Living Room is triggered to be opened, there will be a 50% the entrance will open,…

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Alyssaisnotugly Alyssaisnotugly 11 February 2021

Devilkick20 Investigation

So i made some research on Devilkick20, I couldn't really find anything about proxy164 (i would love any information possible on him)

Anyways, From what i have found Devilkick20 is not exactly a Heist Grinder, he bullies Chaos Insurgency to get EXP and Money I also was able to dig up a lot of screenshots of the leaderboard especially when he was at the very bottom, This is all i have gotten so far and i will give updates on my progress trying to dig up the whole story

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 10 February 2021

Science Vault

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RealDudeOhYeah RealDudeOhYeah 10 February 2021

Testing Blog

Page is just for testing stuff

The Elevator Shaft is a large shaft that surrounds the Heavy Containment Elevator. Dhammapada Felgrim helloguys34 Indomitus OIdMachine

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BloxyRoboxGuy BloxyRoboxGuy 3 February 2021

Anomalies chart

Anomalies. Each anomaly have their own unique abilities, like the burning man that burns everything in its ways, or the magnificent Old man that can pass through walls.

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Epic doge man Epic doge man 18 January 2021

Guide: How to rob the Living Room

This is a tutorial on how to rob the Living Room,an anomaly based off SCP-002.

  • Be aware of the tentacles that sprout out of the ground, the best way to avoid getting stabbed is to go away from the red circles.
  • If you want to open the Living Room's chamber, you must have another player who has a level 3+ keycard.
  • Make sure you are near the Living Room's furniture because they are limited like all other heists.
  • The Living Room is rather small and since anomalies and foundation members can enter, so be aware of your surroundings.
  • The flesh tentacles are indestructible, so don't bother trying to shoot down the tentacles.
  • If you are struck by a tentacle, they will deal 20 damage and knock you out. You will also get the Kebab badge.

  • First, you must go t…

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Scracss Scracss 5 January 2021

Overseer Tips

Overseer the only pay job to access in the game here are some tips asa Overseer to make your Gameplay more fun or just to live more minutes.

No need to follow all the tips

  • High Level

I recommend buy Overseer as a High level like 40 because people would BULLY you because you are a LOW level Overseer and no respect you

  • Door Locker

Prisoners will ALWAYS try to escape so with this TOOL you can lock MOST of the doors of the facility, if a anomaly is constantly getting breached (Like Old Man) I recommend lock it for some moment of calm, if a Riot is happening lock Light Containment Exit and lock doors in Foundation Area (Do not lock the MTF one) to make more hard for Prisoners escape (The Cafeteria door and The Research Wing door (The one close of Si…

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 30 December 2020

How to rob the Desert Tetrahedron

A tutorial of how to successfully rob the Desert Tetrahedron.

Anomaly based on: SCP-132

Tips and cautions for robbing the Desert Tetrahedron.

  • Thankfully, there are currently no hazards while robbing the Desert Tetrahedron.
  • This robbery requires you to have C4. Either you or your partner(s) must have at least one C4 in your E-Q-I-U-P-M-E-N-T.
  • It is impossible to rob the Desert Tetrahedron without a C4.
  • Anomalies and Foundation members can enter the containment room, so you might want to hurry up.
  • Accessing the containment room requires you to either have a Level 1 Keycard, Hotwire, Skeleton Key, or a higher keycard level.
  • This robbery can be done solo.
  • Anomalies and Foundation are unable to rob the containment. Only Chaos Insurgents or Prisoners.
  • Former…

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RealDudeOhYeah RealDudeOhYeah 28 December 2020

Next Update Predictions

Making this page of ramblings to see if I'm right later when the devcard is released. From what I see in the newest 3 images revealed, the next update will be be based around the Foundation. This update will bring a new wing to the Site meant only for the highest levels of jobs, i.e Site Director and Overseer.

In these first two images we can see that the Desert Tetrahedron will be receiving a new observatory level in the Research Wing. Currently in-game, the hallway next to the Tetrahedron is actually on the same level as it and is apart of the Foundation Area. But the most important thing revealed is at the end of the hallway. There is text above a door that reads "Administrative Wing". This would either imply one of three things. Either …

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 26 December 2020

Guide: How to Rob the Telekill Alloy

A tutorial of how to rob the Telekill Alloy.

Anomaly Based On: SCP-148

  • 1 Tips
  • 2 Steps
  • 3 Additional Notes
  • 4 Video

Tips for robbing the Telekill Alloy.

  • Be careful of Turrets.
  • This robbery requires you to have Weapons.
  • You or your partner(s) must have C4's.
  • If you don't got a C4 bomb or your partner doesn't, you can't rob it.
  • The turrets can possibly kill you if you if you get shot a specific amount of times.
  • There are 2 Turrets.
  • This robbery only requires you to have 1 C4.
  • Anomalies and Foundation Personnel camp the outside, so you might want to hurry.
  • Having a partner or multiple people is recommended for this robbery.
  • Accessing the Telekill Alloy Containment requires you to have a Level 2 Keycard.
  • This robbery can be the done solo.
  • Former Bank Robber and Silver T…

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 24 December 2020

Guide: How to rob the Zombie Laboratory

A tutorial of how to rob the Zombie Laboratory.

Anomaly Based on: SCP-008

Tips and cautions when robbing the Zombie Laboratory.

  • Be careful of an airborne gas hazard.
  • Using a Gas Mask is recommended for robbing the Zombie Lab.
  • If you wear a Gas Mask (MTF Mask or CI), you are immune to the airborne virus.
  • If you stumble and accidentally get exposed to the gas without protection, in a few minutes, you will transform into a zombie.
  • This robbery requires you to have a C4 bomb.
  • If you don't got a C4 bomb or your partner doesn't, you can't rob it.
  • Anomalies and Foundation members can go inside, so you might want to hurry.
  • Former Bank Robber and Silver Tongue perk can help you rob faster, expands your backpack, and receive more money.
  • This robbery can be done …

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UnknownHeater UnknownHeater 24 December 2020


There are some glitches that you may happen upon by accident. This is a list of them. Feel free to add any if you discovered something not on the list. Reminder: Abusing glitches will result in a punishment from the YGW Staff.

You are now the floor: I don't know the main way this will happen, but the player may end up stuck inside the floor and can move very fast. The player then ends up either dying automatically from the game, or becomes unstuck and is free.

Roblox Bug, but it is helpful to tell where this bug happens!

Door Warp: Allows you to travel through a door without having to manually open the door. Usually happens when a Site Director or an Overseer locks a door, or when the door lag and doesn't operate accurately. Only had this happe…

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Dxrknrg Dxrknrg 20 December 2020


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Jamescoolcrafter15 Jamescoolcrafter15 15 December 2020

Toxic playerbase

This game has an extremely toxic playerbase. Actual testing and using teams for their desired purpose is near non-existent. Guards just go around shooting innocents and the chat trash talk is insane. Most of the time some player will also just let out every heavy anomaly and camp the prison area while shadow child constantly shuts off the lights. Whenever there's a nuke, all the foundation staff shoot the prisoners on the way to the shelter, and some idiot always locks everyone out.

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Ayverin Ayverin 11 December 2020

How to escape

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DrMLG DrMLG 1 December 2020

Some stuff that even CI and Overseers are not allowed to even do


1 Don’t try to alter the coffee machines. You’re going to get people abducted if it was a cup of Old Man.

2 Stop stealing the skeleton key to try unlocking the level 990 door. It’ll never work.

3 We’re running out of Maz Hatter units because you wanted to plague doctor to cure the Zombie Pathogen. They still became zombies anyway.

4 Stop trynna confiscate scp 001 because it’ll wreak havoc anyway

5 Stop trying to censor swear words with [DATA EXPUNGED] or[REDACTED].

6 Stop suggesting the Indestructible Lizard to S76 since that’ll never be added, but I do hope it will.

7 Stop letting the CI in as an Overseer. That completely defies the reason of having handcuffs and a taser.

8 Killing all CI with a minigun is not the answe…

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Scracss Scracss 26 October 2020

Mobile Task Force tips

Ah yes one of best jobs in the game wich a powerful contract, with a high damage weapon and a cool Gas Mask

You don't need to follow all the tips

  • Tactics

Always walk in groups of 3 or above, the chances of dying alone are higher, always walk in packs, always check if the doors are clear, always have at least one gun loaded for emergency, don't down your guard in Heavy Containment, (M4) walk straight ahead and keep aiming at the players neck, the ak has a big fire rate if you panic the player will kill you.- Reaper (Some guy in the discord), If Shadow Child breached and you are in Heavy Containment is recommended go to Burning Man or Plague Doctor containment because maybe the Prisoner or CI will try to breach Plague or Burning Man (You must k…

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Scracss Scracss 25 October 2020

Security Tips

The first job that maybe everyone played in the game when they chossed Foundation, and maybe some people expecting for a thing saying: you must apply blah blah blah to join the Security job, thx god this game isn't a serious RP.

Do not need to follow all the tips

  • Ammo Cans

Check for any Ammo Can in the Prisoner spawn every 3 minutes, if a Prisoner has other class of weapons other than a Shotgun and MAC-10 check if there is any Ammo Can, if the prisoner has the following: 

  1. M4
  2. RPG
  3. Desert Eagle
  4. Revolver
  5. MP5K
  6. UMP-45
  7. AK-47 

This mean there is a Ammo Can in the Prisoner spawn. If the prisoner has a AK-47, UMP-45, Rocket Launcher, well this COULD mean there is a Ammo Can but you can still get the AK-47 UMP-45, Rocket Launcher in the Riot NPC store.

  • Riot

If a…

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Scracss Scracss 20 September 2020

Internal Security Tips

Here are some tips as a Internal Security

Why? is not already a OP job? nope the community sees the Internal Security as a weak job here are some tips to be a good Internal Security or at least just make 2 arrest or kills in one life.

No need to follow all the tips.

  • Disguise

Do NOT disguise as a Chaos Insurgency Soldier, Medic and Saboteur  because they spawn with brown Bulletproof vest and Foundation has no access to them, you can disguise as them if some Chaos vest drop you the brown vest or making this trick: Become CI go to Foundation Staff make sure you don't have any bounty drop the helmet and vest change to Foundation get the vest and Helmet become Internal and you are able to disguise as a Chaos Insurgency, disguise as a Prisoner and tr…

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Subzerolvl9999 Subzerolvl9999 16 September 2020

Guide: How to use the Clockwork Machine

To use the Clockwork Machine, select the settings first, located in the middle part of the Machine. There are 5 settings:

  1. Very Fine (Upgrade item to better version of it, but also have risk of getting item destroyed or worse)
  2. Fine (Upgrade item to better version, but also have risk of getting item destroyed)
  3. 1:1 (Replace the item with other item that have same value with it)
  4. Coarse (Downgrade the item or destroy it)
  5. Rough (Downgrade the item or destroy it)

It will either upgrade the item, change the item into another that has the same value, or downgrade the item, depend on which settings you choose.

After choosing the settings, go to the input of the Machine and press the lever. A pop-up screen will appear with two options, you can choose to convert …

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RealDudeOhYeah RealDudeOhYeah 8 September 2020

Infographics Gallery

I'm just making a gallery of anomaly infographics so I can see which ones look fine.

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Acebatonfan Acebatonfan 8 September 2020

Quality Changes list

A quick list between me and other admins on priorities for editing:

  • Anomaly infographic quality control - especially lighting and contrast issues
  • Redlinks removal
  • Background for wiki - images to be given by devs
  • Front page redesign - clickable gallery that links to associated popular pages, YGW twitter integration, 
  • Icons for gears to be added to infoboxes - images to be given by devs
  • Class picture for Site Director
  • Qualification for Roblox interwiki project
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