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Bounty is a system that encourages Foundation members to arrest or kill wanted Prisoners and Chaos Insurgents to gain rewards. Bounty increases as the Prisoner or Chaos Insurgent commits forbidden activities like heists, breaching anomalies, and attacking or killing Foundation. The maximum bounty money a player can achieve is $5000.

Having a Bounty will disallow players from changing teams. Prisoners can't switch to Foundation and Chaos Insurgents can't switch to the Foundation or Prisoners.

Wanted Level

The Prisoner and Chaos Insurgency teams have a wanted level, minimum zero stars to a maximum of five stars. When below 3 stars, Foundation members need to arrest the player in question in order to gain the full bounty reward, if killed, the reward will be divided.

When a player reaches 3 stars or higher, Foundation members can kill the player for a full bounty reward without arresting them. When a player reaches a 5 star wanted level, the player will be marked with an orange skull and have their position shown to the entire Foundation.


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