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"I get the feeling I'm being watched..."

The Camera Room is a small room located in the Security Wing that is also accessible by a breakable wall.


The Camera Room is a small surveillance utility room. Screens are posted in the room and are connected to multiple cameras that are located all around Site-76, ranging from Heavy Containment to the Surface.

Only Foundation members can use the cameras, any other teams will not be able to. Screens located in the room are connected to multiple cameras in the facility.


To use the cameras, the player must press the "A" and "D" keys on their keyboard ("Q", and "D" for AZERTY keyboards) to change the camera's point of view, scroll the wheel mouse to zoom in or zoom out and click a player/anomaly to track them, foundation near marked target will shown "!" mark on target.

Once tracking a player, the person will receive a message saying:

  • "I get the feeling I'm being watched..."

Component Locations/Camera List

Component Locations on the Camera list. There are currently 40 surveillance camera locations posted all around the facility.


Foundation Area

Heavy Containment

Prison Zone


Notes and Trivia

  • There are 2 servers in the Camera Room which are the same from the Server Hub.


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