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The Chaos Insurgency is one of the main playable Teams and is a Group of Interest in Site-76: Prison Anomalies, that is based off of the SCP Wiki: Chaos Insurgency.

The Chaos Insurgency is a highly classified terrorist organization comprised of various escaped Prisoners and soldiers. These mercenaries are secretly tactical to prey on the Foundation by using deadly, intimidating force, as well as breaching or stealing anomalies. They work and cooperate together in their internal underground base within Site-76.

The Chaos Insurgency is the number one antagonistic threat when it comes to the Foundation's perspective. Their main reputation is to sabotage the facility by allying with Prisoners or maintaining a neutral state with anomalies. They can also do other tasks for additional rewards too by working with the Marshall Carter Dark Agents.


The Chaos Insurgency is one of the four playable teams. This team is further divided into sub-teams, known as “Chaos jobs”, which players can choose to play as. Players will automatically spawn as a Chaos Soldier if they do not own the Chaos Insurgency Perma-Unlock. Players who have the Perma-Unlock gamepass are able to switch and play as other jobs, such as the Chaos Medic and Chaos Saboteur. Each CI job is unique, has different objectives and equipment loadouts. There are currently 3 subclasses within the Chaos Insurgency:

Chaos Soldier
Clothing Chaos Insurgency Brown.png

The Chaos Soldier is the main force and most common member of the Chaos Insurgency. They possess the strongest gun of the two jobs, but lack in equipment.
Unlike the Chaos Saboteur and Chaos Medic, the Soldier does not require the Chaos Insurgency Perma-Unlock to play as.

More information on Chaos Soldier can be viewed Here.

Chaos Medic
Clothing Chaos Insurgency Blue.png

The Chaos Medic is the healer of the Chaos Insurgency, making sure that the Prisoners and other Chaos Insurgency members don't die. They can only heal the Chaos Insurgency and Prisoners. They come equipped with an MP5K, a Doctor's Bag, and an Ammo Can.
The Chaos Medic job can only be played by players who own the Chaos Insurgency Perma-Unlock.

More information on Chaos Medic can be viewed Here.

Chaos Saboteur
Clothing Chaos Insurgency Sabotuer.png

The Chaos Saboteur is a member of the Chaos Insurgency and their job is to use their Disguise Kit which can help them free the Prisoners, travel the facility easily, and complete their bounties. As their name suggests, Chaos Saboteurs are known for sabotaging and damaging Site-76, and the Foundation.
The Chaos Saboteur job can only be played by players who own the Chaos Insurgency Perma-Unlock.

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