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Clockwork Machine

The Clockwork Machine is a low-threat anomaly located in Light Containment. It is currently one of the few anomalies in the game that can actually aid the player.


The Clockwork Machine is a large mechanical machine consisting of gears, pulleys, and other mechanical parts. It has a large front panel and two booths, labeled 'Input' and 'Output'. When an object is placed into the 'Input' booth, and the key is turned, the object goes inside the machine and reappears in the 'Output' booth. The machine appears to refine or degrade the item inside it as it passes from 'Input' to 'Output', depending on the setting that the player selected using the knob on its front panel, with 'Rough' being the most degraded to 'Very Fine' being the most improved. The means by which the machine completely transforms objects into other objects is unknown and considered to be anomalous. The machine also has no apparent power source both surrounding or within its space, further contributing to its anomalous status.


The Clockwork Machine's chamber requires a level 1 keycard to access. Much of the chamber is taken up by the machine itself. There is a weak spot on the right-side wall in the machine's chamber that, when blown up using a C4, leads to the Maintenance Tunnels.

To use the machine, the player must press the E key next to the knob on the front panel of the machine to select one of the five settings. After choosing a setting, the player must stand near the 'Input' booth and press the E key. A pop-up will appear with two options: transform an item or the player. Selecting either option will initiate the refining process and a cutscene that lasts five seconds before the transformed object reappears in the 'Output' booth.


  1. Click and drag the item from the hotbar or equipment and put it in the item slot
  2. Press the 'Item' button to initiate the refining process
  3. Wait a few seconds; the item will reappear at the 'Output' booth


  1. Press the 'Player' button to initiate the refining process
  2. Wait a few seconds; your character will reappear at the 'Output' booth

Each setting will affect the outcome of each object placed into the Clockwork Machine. The effect of each of the machine's settings are described below;


Often dismantles and destroys items.


Dismantles items into more refined parts.


Gives an item of at least nearly equal use and function. Some properties may be slightly altered.


Refines items and usually improves it with an anomalous feature.

"Very Fine"

Usually gives a heavily anomalous version of items. Some items can be deadly, while some may be more useful than their default or "Fine" counterparts.

Clockwork Machine Item Guide

Clockwork Machine Player Guide

List of Possible Outputs

Main article: Possible outputs


  • Level 3 Keycards has a chance in make a Level 4 on Fine, Level 4 key has chance in make a Level 5, Level 5 has a chance in make a OMNI in Fine. They also have a chance of being turned into Playing Card.
  • An item can not be upgraded/downgraded to a certain level if the modified item is already in the player's inventory. Example: the M4 cannot be upgraded to a UMP-45 when there is already a UMP-45 in the player's inventory.
  • Player Note: If a player wears The Unusual Amulet, then when the player insert their-self to the Machine on setting 1:1, the user will be turned into Dr. Bright's full avatar. (This will only work if the player doesn't wear a Helmet) (This will still work if the player wear a Bulletproof Vest)
  • Anything that is not listed on the combination table cannot be inputted into the Machine(?).
  • The Clockwork Machine was initially disabled in version b.0.1.1843, and was not re-enabled until b.0.1.7.


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