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Codes are released via the official Yellow Gearworks Twitter and Discord Server. They are typically released for certain updates, collaborations, or achievements/milestones. Codes are usually active for one week. As of now, no codes work.

The Site 76 Wiki Community is not connected to the Yellow Gearworks' Developers, please do not ask or request for more additional Codes in the comment section.

Codes Rewards Info Status
1YEAR $7,500 Released for Site-76's 1 year anniversary Expired
NOWFREE $5,000 Released alongside Site-76 going free to play Expired
10KLIKES $10,000 New update + 10k likes Expired
D3VCARD $2,500, 5 Shards Released alongside the b.0.1.7 Developer Card Expired
OLDMAN 10 Shards Released alongside version b.0.1.6 that introduced playable Old Man Expired
FLAMETHROWER $5,000 Added for the release of the new Flamethrower Expired
1MILVIS $10,000 To celebrate 1 Million Visits during 05/06/2020 Expired
PLAGUEDOCTOR $2,500, 5 Shards Release of version b.0.1.4 of S.76 Expired
6KLIKES $6,000 To celebrate S.76 Prison Anomalies reaching 6k likes. Expired
MoneyShards $5,000, 5 Shards Release of version b.0.1.3 of S.76 Expired
DeeterPlays $5,000 Dhammapada's collaboration with DeeterPlays Expired
YGearworks $5,000 To celebrate the release of Site 76 b.0.1.2 version, this is the first code that got added, it lasted 1 week. Expired

(Shards are no longer redeemable due to them being removed on version b.0.1.735)

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