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Icon of each Cup

Cups, commonly known as Drinks, are different type of beverages that can be purchased from any Coffee Machine or the Sentient Coffee Machine for $50 Dollars. Most of them can also be created for free by inputting a Cup of Coffee into the Clockwork Machine on any of its settings. Each Drink serves its own unique effect and ability upon sipping it, but every Cup has the same icon.

Types of Cups

Drink Description Quote
Cup of Chill The Cup of Chill is able to transform the drinker's impression into the Chill face available on the ROBLOX Avatar Shop. "I feel really... Chilled."
Cup of Ork The Cup of Ork can presumably rot the drinker's skin by turning it into a dark green color. The effects are permanent and can not be reversed in any way. "I FEEL DA URGE TA KRUMP SOMETHINK."
Cup of Coffee The Cup of Coffee is capable of boosting the host's stamina, allowing their sprint to accelerate faster. "I feel a short burst of energy!"

Drink Description Quote
Cup of Anti-Energy The Cup of Anti-Energy will burn down the drinker's energy, making them unable jump or sprint. "It feels like all of my energy has been drained..."
Cup of Cola The Cup of Cola does not have any effects or abilities towards its drinker, but it does serve as a normal drink. "Mmm... Cola."
Cup of Death The Cup of Death is capable of igniting the drinker by causing them to explode upon consumption. The host will take 100 damage, possibly enough to kill them. "I sense death..."
Cup of Energy Drink The Cup of Energy Drink grants its drinker additional energy, unless the player interrupts the boost (jumping or sprinting). "I feel full of energy!"
Cup of Life The Cup of Life has the ability to fully heal the drinker's health to max percentage. It is unknown if this amount is static or not. "I feel full of life!"
Cup of Rage The Cup of Rage is capable of causing the drinker to rage, enough to retaliate and explode the host. The explosion will deal 100 damage towards the host. "I FEEL VERY ANGRY"