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"Eye Pods are now patrolling the facility!"
Announcement Broadcast

The Eye Pods are a pair of low-threat anomalies kept inside the Foundation Area. They are also the only anomalies that can be released by the Foundation.


The Eye Pods are a pair of teardrop-shaped creatures, with a single blue eye in the middle of their bodies. There are two Eye Pod variations, Eye Pod-A is burnt orange in color while Eye Pod-B is mustard yellow.

They are very calm creatures and have a dog-like attitude. They will roam the facility when released, occasionally following the nearest players. When bonding with other players, Eye Pods will release a heart effect. After interacting with the player for a couple seconds or minutes, they will leave, and will bond with another player.

When the Eye Pods are released, a broadcast message will pop up saying, "Eye Pods are now patrolling the facility." After 10 minutes of roaming, the Eye Pod will return back to its containment, and a broadcast message will say "Eye Pods are heading back to its containment."


Due to the Eye Pods anomalous ability of never having to blink, they are useful against The Sculpture. If they encounter the Sculpture, they will only look at The Sculpture for a couple minutes before they leave.

If they encounter other Medium - High Threat Anomalies, excluding The Sculpture, they will quickly escape and evacuate.

Containment Chamber

Eye Pods containment chamber is a wide area room that requires Level 1+ Keycard Access or the Skeleton Key. Water containers, sleeping boxes, and mats are always prepared for Eye Pods so they can live comfortably. Due to its unharmful behavior, Foundation, or other teams, are allowed to release the anomalies.


Currently, there is only one badge related to the Eye Pods.

  • Speed Demon - Get an Eye Pod to follow you.

Trivia and Notes

  • The Eye Pods can be released by the Foundation.
  • The Eye Pods are unable to go to the Heavy Containment Zone or the Surface
  • Whenever the Eye Pods are looking or they just left from looking at The Sculpture, they will produce purple particles. Those particles represents JoJo References.
  • The Eye Pods are believed to be the most glitchiest anomalies.
  • The Eye Pods don't take damage from any Weapons, nor the Tesla Gates.
    • Instead of taking damage, the Eye Pods will block the flow of your shooting, especially when they are jumping up and down.
  • The Eye Pods are the only anomalies allowed to roam around freely.


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