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Facility Events are facility-wide events that can occur within Site-76. Each Facility Event serves its own purposes in-game, such as transaction requirements, style, or mechanic. All the events have its own risk level.

There are currently 5 Facility Events.

Facility Events

(The table is listed 1-5 to display how much risk each event poses to the facility. The first event listed is the safest, while the last listed event is the riskiest.)

Event Description Image
Femur Breaker The Femur Breaker is a mechanical bait-machine used to bait the Old Man. As its name implies, the Femur Breaker looks like a metal flatbed; however, there is a machine that causes a major and painful femur fracture to the player who is laying on the bed. Whenever the machine successfully triggers, a loud "OOOOOOOOF", that resembles the player's pain, will be blasted through the facility's intercoms.
Mounted Femur.png
Blackout During a Blackout, a site-wide power outage will occur, causing almost every light to shutdown; and the Site's emergency power will be initiated. Some objects or features will not work due to the lack of electricity.The Omega Warheads can not be armed at this time.
Office Wing Power.gif
Zombie Apocalypse The Zombie Pathogen is a biological and airborne disease capable of infecting organisms and mutating them into Zombies. Zombies spread the Pathogen by biting and attacking other players.
Zombie pathogen.png
Prisoner Riot Prisoner Riots are in-game events that formally grants Prisoners tools to cause havoc on the Foundation. During a Riot, Prisoners will spawn with an AK-47, a L4 Keycard, a Bulletproof Vest, and one C4.
RobloxScreenShot20200718 171442403.png
Activation of the Omega Warheads The Omega Warheads are 6 nuclear warheads stored within the Heavy Containment Zone of Site-76. They are used as a last resort to neutralize all breached Anomalies. It only destroys certain underground sections of the facility, meaning, the Surface is safe from the explosion.It will reset all tesla gates and player bounties.The warhead will explode after 90 seconds after it is armed.
War 4.png


Facility Event Announcements
Femur Breaker Femur Breaker is now online.
Zombie Apocalypse WARNING! There has been a suspected outbreak of the Zombie Pathogen.
All traces of the Zombie Pathogen have been purged from the facility.
Prisoner Riot Prisoner Riot in progress!
Prisoner Riot has ended!
Activation of the Omega Warheads The omega warhead has been armed!