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The Fish Man, or otherwise known as Mr. Fish, is a humanoid low-threat Anomaly contained in the Light Containment Zone. He was added in the Big Content Patch alongside the Doorman and two other anomalies. It is one of the playable anomalies.

Appearance and Behavior

Fish Man wears a black suit and a top hat. Fish Man's only anomalous trait is its fish head, resembling an yellow with white stripes clownfish. This anomaly is one of many people's top-rated favorite anomalies, since it shows peace, and does not kill or fight back in any possible way, but will run fast when hurt, but this only occurs with NPC-Controlled Mr. Fish and not Player-Controlled Mr. Fish.

Containment Chamber

Fish Man's containment chamber is a wide office room with 2 sides of glass wall, the chamber has basic furniture, such as a desk, a chair, a bed, and potted plants.

Fish Man has a Pearl inside its containment which can be sold to Marshall Carter Dark Agents. Obtaining the Pearl requires Mr. Fish to breach, then the player heads to the containment chamber where the Pearl is located. There is only one Pearl at a time in its containment, and the Pearl itself shows no anomalous properties.


Currently, there are 3 badges related to the Fish Man, those are:

  • Fishy Business - Play as Mr. Fish.
  • Jewel of the Sea - Steal the Pearl from Mr. Fish's containment and sell it to a Marshall Carter Dark Agent.
  • Achilles Heel - Kill an anomaly as a Foundation member.

Version History

  • b.0.1.7 - Mr. Fish's containment gets moved and possibly remodeled.
  • b.0.1.55 - Mr. Fish's containment gets a new observation window.
  • b.0.1.5 - Mr. Fish gets a 'You are ...' splash text.
  • b.0.1.3 - Mr. Fish is added to the Light Containment Zone


  • Fish Man's infographic is the only thing that refers to it as such. Its splash screen, containment chamber, badges, and in mentions in changelogs refer to it as Mr. Fish.
  • Fish Man's head is a slight modification of the Fishy Fishie FishE hat available on the Roblox Avatar Shop.
  • Like the Plague Doctor, Fish Man has voicelines, but they do not produce any sounds.
  • Fish Man is believed to be created by Doctor Wondertainment.
  • The NPC Fish Man cannot trigger Tesla Gates' electricity when walking through them.
  • Unlike most other Anomalies, Mr. Fish's threat level is not based on the SCP Wiki's lore, wherein SCP-527 is Euclid, while Fish Man is a Low Threat.


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