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The Yellow Gearworks, more commonly known as the Foundation, is a secretive intergovernmental organization that secures and contains anomalous objects, entities, ideas and alternate dimensions. Its primary mission exists to protect mankind from what it does not or cannot understand, and it does this by remaining in the shadows. They own and manage multiple Sites including Site-76.


In Site-76: Prison Anomalies, the Foundation is one of four playable teams. This team is further divided into sub-teams, known as “Foundation jobs”, which players can choose to play as. Each Foundation job is unique, has different objectives and equipment loadouts, and has varying paychecks (rewarded every 10 minutes). There are currently 8 subclasses within the Foundation:


The Site Director cannot select themself as Employee of the Month, and therefore cannot receive that paycheck bonus.

Foundation Job Paycheck VIP (+10%) Sponsor (+15%) Employee of the Month (+100%)
Medical Personnel $60 $66 $69 $120
Foundation Staff $75 $82 $86 $150
Scientist $90 $99 $103 $180
Security $100 $110 $115 $200
Mobile Task Force $150 $165 $172 $300
Internal Security $200 $220 $230 $400
Site Director $250 $275 $287 N/A
Overseer $350 $385 $402 $700


Foundation Staff

Foundation Staff Outfit.png

The Foundation Staff are low-level workers within the Foundation. They are responsible for providing maintenance work and completing small tasks, not specific to any other job. They repair machinery, such as Terminals and Tesla Gates, with Wrenches, and also take care of basic janitorial work.

More information on Foundation Staff can be viewed Here.

Medical Personnel

Medical Outfit.png

Medical Personnel is a medical team operated by medical professionals. They are responsible for providing safety healthcare and keeping the Foundation healthy and fit. During an event that regards healing, Medical Personnel are the top contributors during the incident. These trained doctors are formally contracted for healing other Foundation members. In order to possess their job, every Medic is equipped with a Doctor's Bag. Successfully healing other Foundation members rewards the player with cash and experience. Medics are unable to heal other players that are not Foundation.

More information on Medical Personnel can be viewed Here.


Scientist Outfit.png

Scientists are responsible for researching the various anomalies entities within the Site to develop special containment procedures for further discovered anomalies. They are allowed to use Prisoners in these tests, dangerous or not.

More information on Scientist can be viewed Here.


Clothing Security.png

The Security branch is a group of law enforcers responsible for maintaining order at Site-76 and responding to issues that may arise. They keep the Prisoners in check as well as collecting Bounties on those causing trouble. They are also some of the first responders to disturbances. They can range from shutting down heists, suppressing Prisoner Riots, defending from Chaos Insurgency attacks, or the re-containment of anomalies.

More information on Security can be viewed Here.

Mobile Task Force

MTF 2.png

Mobile Task Force is a group compromised of the most elite tactical operatives, they have their duties to immediately mobilize whenever the facility is at risk or threatened. As their name suggests, Mobile Task Force personnel are considered as the "best of the best" of the Foundation. These soldiers are proposed for performing easy or hazardous operational capacities. These situations can range from securing all containment breaches/failures, to suppressing Prisoner Riots, or shutting down any current Heists.

More information on Mobile Task Force can be viewed Here.

Internal Security

Clothing Internal Security.png

Internal Security is a secret tactical "police force" known to the Foundation's hands. These secret operatives are responsible for targeting any wanted suspects, this includes the Chaos Insurgency. Due to their agency being a top secret level, Internal Security personnel are recognized as the "foundation within the Foundation." Internal Securities serves their purposes by having a contract to arrest and suppress any guilty Prisoners and Chaos Insurgents. In order to benefit them while targeting them, Internal Security members are automatically equipped with an Average Disguise Kit. Their Disguise Kit allows them to disguise as different players in-game, allowing them to go undercover. Their undercovering advantage benefits them to induce their ambush tactics.

More information on Internal Security can be viewed Here.

Site Director

Clothing Site Director.png

The Site Director is the second-highest ranking Foundation job in Site-76. They spawn in the Site Director's Office, and like the job's name implies, the Site Director directs the Foundation Personnel at Site-76. The Site Director is one of the only two jobs that has access to the Broadcast Room, with the other being the Overseer. The Site Director has the ability to select any other Foundation member as Employee of the Month. Being nominated as the Employee of the Month will reward the player with $1000 and double their base paycheck. It has a cooldown of 300 seconds.

More information on Site Director can be viewed Here.


Clothing Overseer.png

The Overseer is the highest ranking Foundation job in Site-76, but requires the Overseer Unlock game pass, which cost 2500 Robux, to play as it. They spawn in the Overseer Room. The Overseer is one of the only two jobs that has access to the Broadcast Room, the other being the Site Director. The Overseers are entirely responsible for managing the facility, including the personnel. They also have access to almost everything in the facility. The Overseer is also the only job in the facility with access to the Teleporter, which is inside the Overseer room. When used it teleports players to a random location out of 3 spots near the Prison Zone. Due to their powerful rank, Overseers are provided with three extra abilities in their Tablet. Allowing them to remotely arm the Omega Warhead, scan nearby anomalies with Radar, and make a player of their choosing a High Priority Target.

More information on Overseer can be viewed Here.

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