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The Yellow Gearworks, more commonly known as the Foundation, is a secretive intergovernmental organization that secures and contains anomalous objects, entities, ideas and alternate dimensions. Its primary mission exists to protect mankind from what it does not or cannot understand, by remaining in the shadows. They own and manage multiple Sites including Site-76.


In Site-76: Prison Anomalies, the Foundation is one of four playable teams. This team is further divided into sub-teams, known as “Foundation jobs”, which players can choose to play as. Each Foundation job is unique, has different objectives and equipment loadouts, and has varying paychecks (rewarded every 10 minutes). There are currently 8 subclasses within the Foundation:


The Site Director cannot select themself as Employee of the Month, and therefore cannot receive that paycheck bonus.

Foundation Job Paycheck VIP (+10%) Sponsor (+15%) Employee of the Month (+100%)
Medical Personnel $60 $66 $69 $120
Foundation Staff $75 $82 $86 $150
Scientist $90 $99 $103 $180
Security $100 $110 $115 $200
Mobile Task Force $150 $165 $172 $300
Internal Security $200 $220 $230 $400
Site Director $250 $275 $287 N/A
Overseer $350 $385 $402 $700
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Prisoner Prisoner
Foundation FoundationFoundation StaffScientistSecurityMobile Task ForceInternal SecuritySite DirectorOverseerDr. BrightMedical Personnel
Chaos Insurgency Chaos InsurgencyChaos SoldierChaos SaboteurChaos Medic
Marshall Carter Dark Marshall Carter Dark (Not an official Team in the game yet.)
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