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The Foundation Area is the most important major sector of Site 76 which contains 8 anomalies, 4 Foundation job spawn points, 1 heist, 2 Power Rooms, 1 Marshall Carter Dark Agent, and 2 sets of elevators.


Four Foundation jobs spawn in this area including Overseer, Internal Security, Site Director, and the Mobile Task Force. Scientists spawn in the nearby Research Wing, and Security spawns in the nearby Security Area.


Seven low-threat anomalies and one medium-threat anomaly are housed in the Foundation with a high-threat anomaly making an appearance.

Low-Level Anomalies

Medium-Level Anomaly

High-Level Anomaly

Suit Man can be seen in two different places


The Foundation has two elevators. One is around the Mobile Task Force Armory leading to Heavy Containment. The other elevators lead to the Surface from Gate B and require a Level 3 keycard to access.


Location Description
Internal Security Spawn The Internal Security Spawn is the spawn point for the Internal Security job. It is location in the Foundation Area and can be accessed by going through either the door next to Gate B or by taking the elevator nearby.
Gate B Gate B is one of the ways of entry of the Foundation to the site. The Gate is located in the Foundation Area and acts as an entrance/exit to the Surface and Site-76. Gate B is the most protected access way to the facility, as it requires a Level 3 Keycard to open and there are many Foundation spawn-points nearby.
Warhead Shelter A Warhead Shelter A is located nearby the Internal Security Spawn and Gate B. This Shelter protects players from the Omega Warheads' nuclear blast. Currently there are 2 warhead shelters, this one is titled A with the other being titled Warhead Shelter B.
Mobile Task Force Armory The Mobile Task Force Armory, or also known as MTF Armory, is where the Mobile Task Force units spawn and obtain their equipment. It is located between the Foundation Area and Light Containment and can be easily accessed by any player who has a Level 2 or higher security clearance.
Staff Room The Staff Room serves as the spawn point for the Foundation Staff. It is located in the Foundation Area near to the Server Room. Players must have Level 1 clearance to enter the room.
Server Hub The Server Hub is a room that houses wires spewed across the floor which are connected to different server banks. These servers are presumably known for the network conductivity of electronic communications throughout Site-76; it may also be a backup generator during a Blackout.
Power Rooms Power Rooms are different generators that can be used to either cut the power or turn it back on. Cutting the power can be done by clicking the red pulse in the center of the room with Pliers and this result in a Blackout.
Foundation Cafeteria The Foundation Cafeteria in contrast to the Prisoner Cafeteria is a cafeteria made for Foundation members like its name indicates. The room is located in the Foundation Area and like every cafeteria on Earth, there are benches, a kitchen, and two Terminals nearby it.

Location Description
Security Wing The Security Wing is one of the many locations in Site-76, as it houses 3 compartments within it. The area is located near the Prison Zone and makes part of the greater Foundation Area. As its name implies, the Security Wing is the spawn area and central hub for the Security and Overseer.
Camera Room The Camera Room is a small surveillance utility room. The cameras are exclusively accessible to Foundation team only. Screens located in the room are connected to multiple cameras around Site-76.
Interrogation Room The Interrogation Room is a small room located in the Security Area used by the Foundation for interrogations. It is composed of a small hallway that holds a Marshall Carter Dark Agent and leads to two smaller rooms. The rooms are separated by a wall and can only be viewable through a window, which only one of the rooms has the ability to open and close it.
Security Centre The Security Centre makes up part of the Security Area and is the most notable location there because it is the spawn point of the Foundation Security. The Security Centre is composed of of an office, armory, and a receptionist desk which is connected to the Holding Cell.

Location Description
Research Wing The Research Wing is a major section of the Foundation Area. The Scientists and other various Anomalies are contained/spawn here. This place is formally used for Scientists to conduct their research.
Warhead Shelter B Warhead Shelter B is ready to protect the people within it from a warhead explosion. This shelter will protect anyone inside from the Omega Warhead explosion. Currently, there are 2 warhead shelters in game, this one is titled B with the other being titled A.
Science Vault The Science Vault is a vault in the Research Wing located across from the Desert Tetrahedron. The purpose of the Vault is the containment and securement of the Skeleton Key. The containment needs a Level 1 Keycard to open and there are multiple lasers that protects the anomaly.
Meeting Chamber The Meeting Chamber is a small room located in the Research Wing nearby the Office Wing. The room serves no particular purpose and is mainly meant for roleplaying or as a meeting point for the Foundation.

Location Description
Office Wing The Office Wing is a small wing that makes up part of the greater Foundation Area. It houses the Site Director's Office, Broadcast Room, and the Overseer's Chambers. It is located near the Meeting Chamber and can only be accessed through the Research Wing.
Site Director's Office The Site Director's Office is the spawn point of the Site Director. It is located in the Office Wing and overlooks Gate B. To access the room a L5 Clearance or higher is needed. Like every other spawn point, two Terminals are present in the office as well as a Coffee Machine.
Overseer's Chambers The Overseer's Chambers is located in the Foundation Area and is the spawn point of the Overseer. To access the Chambers, players need to have Level 6 Clearance, a Hotwire, or the Skeleton Key, and take the elevator located in the hallway ahead of the Office Wing and Broadcast Room.
Broadcast Room The Broadcast Room is a small room that is exclusively accessible to the Site Director and Overseers only. It is used for broadcasting messages or announcements throughout the facility. The host can also decide if they want to send it to specific sectors or the entire Site.



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