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Foundation Contracts were added in b.0.1.2. The contracts can be taken by Foundation Staff, Security, Medical Personnel, Mobile Task Force and Internal Security. The only jobs without contracts are the ScientistsSite Directors, and Overseers, though the developers have said that more will be coming. Foundation contracts vary per team and have different rewards based on the difficulty. 

The table below shows 4 categories: Team, Cash reward, EXP reward, and difficulty. Difficulty ranges from 1-5 5 being very hard and 1 being a cakewalk. The difficulty ranges from person to person and this is generalized.


Team Difficulty Objective Cash Reward EXP Reward
Foundation Staff 2 Repair 5 broken machines. $700 200
Security 4 Arrest/Kill and gain a total of 500$ worth of bounties. $600 200
Medical Personnel 5 Heal a total of 400 health for friendly players. $500 200
Scientist N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mobile Task Force Depends on the anomaly (1-5) Contain an anomaly requested in a contract. $1500 200
Internal Security 2 Arrest 5 guilty players. $750 200
Site Director N/A N/A N/A N/A
Overseer N/A N/A N/A N/A


Contract Description
Machine Repairs Prisoners have been destroying terminals and fuseboxes all over the facility! The Foundation has tasked you with with repairing 5 broken machines for a payout.
Bounty Hunter Some prisoners are more prone to mania than others - it is your job to take these dangerous people down. Cash in a total of $500 worth of bounties.
Medical Support Conflict is everywhere in the facility - it is your job to keep people alive! Use your doctors bag to restore 400 health to friendly players.
Recontainment Procedures The Anomaly has breached containment! The Foundation has offered you a large sum of money to recontain it, ontop of the regular rewards for recontaining the anomaly.
Internal Security Prisoners are causing mayhem once again! Calm things down by arresting 5 guilty players.


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