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Gamepasses are an in-game mechanic that grants players buffs. Passes can only be purchased with Robux. Gamepasses unlock players more abilities, items, jobs, exclusive features, rewards, and more.

There are currently 4 available passes and only one being unobtainable.


Omnipass Unlock

Omnipass Unlock.png

The Omnipass Unlock is a game pass sold by Yellow Gearworks that costs 550 Robux. They are given a Level 6 Keycard from spawn, regardless of their team or level. If the player chooses to play as a Prisoner with the Omnipass, they will not be marked guilty.

More information on Omnipass Unlock can be viewed Here.
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VIP Gamepass.png

The VIP is a game pass sold by Yellow Gearworks that costs 650 Robux. Players who own this gamepass receive a VIP tag next to their name, similar to the Sponsor tag for game sponsors. They also receive a 10% increase in Experience and Money gained.

More information on VIP can be viewed Here.

Chaos Insurgency Perma-Unlock

Chaos Insurgency Gamepass.png

The Chaos Insurgency Perma-Unlock is a gamepass sold by Yellow Gearworks for 1000 Robux. Players who purchase this gamepass can become a Chaos Insurgent without needing to escape as a Prisoner. If a player is arrested with this gamepass, they do not become a Prisoner and will receive a message when arrested saying that the Insurgency has broken them free. Players will also be able to unlock exclusive Chaos Insurgency Jobs with the perma-pass, regardless of their level or money. Such as, the Chaos Saboteur and Chaos Medic.
This game pass is given for free to players who own the Sponsor T-shirt.

More information on the Chaos Insurgency Perma-Unlock can be viewed Here.
More information about the Chaos Insurgency can be found Here.

Overseer Unlock

Overseer Unlock.png

The Overseer Unlock is currently the most expensive game pass sold by Yellow Gearworks for 2500 Robux.
Players who own this game pass have access to an exclusive job known as the Overseer, which is currently the highest job rank and the most income paycheck out of all Foundation job in the game. They also have access to multiple exclusive features through the Tablet. New exclusive Tablet features include: Radar, Remote Omega Warhead Activation, High Priority Target, and they have access to everything in the Tablet. They also get a free Level 6 Keycard, regardless of level; however, the Level 6 Keycard is available for the Overseer job only.

More information on the Overseer Unlock can be viewed Here.
Additional information about the Overseer can be found Here.



The Sponsor is currently an exclusive/unobtainable group-pass sold by Yellow Gearworks for 2200 Robux.
Sponsor was a ROBLOX T-shirt sold by Yellow Gearworks. Owning the T-shirt grants players the Chaos Insurgency Perma-Unlock game pass, extra money and experience from all sources, a 'Sponsor' nametag on all Yellow Gearworks' games, a discount of 10% from stores, a custom Prisoner cosmetic (currently not out), as well as an exclusive role in the Yellow Gearworks Discord Server permitting the user to have exclusive sneak peeks of future updates.
The price was planned to gradually increase as Yellow Gearworks becomes a larger group. It was sold here.

More information on the Sponsor can be viewed Here.

Paid Access

I can't Belive It's Not Witching Hour.png

Site-76: Prison Anomalies was a temporarily Paid Access game, that required players to pay 75 Robux. The pass was released on January 26th, 2020 then it went free on October 28th, 2020. Players who bought the game access and played it would earn the badge "I Can't Believe It's Not Witching Hour".
During the b.0.1.9 Christmas Update, paid access players earned an exclusive "Founder" nametag before their username in the game chat, and a special channel in the Yellow Gearworks Discord Server. More rewards/cosmetics for being a Paid Access Supporter are still pending/being discussed, as the developers and community suggests.

More information on Paid Access can be viewed Here.

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