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In Site-76, Heists are a major mechanic and are one of the many ways to gain money and experience. Each Heist is unique, as all of them is based off of anomalies, have different rewards, and obstacles to overcome. Heists can only be started by Prisoners and Chaos Insurgents. All heists excluding the Living Room require one C4 or other explosive to start.

There are 5 heists in the Site: Desert Tetrahedron, the Telekill Alloy, the Scarlet Lake, the Living Room, and the Zombie Laboratory.

There is a Pearl in Mr. Fish's containment that counts as a heist item, as it goes into the duffle bag, but shares no other similarities to other heists.


When a heist starts, all players will be notified of the current scene, this will also alert the Foundation. During a heist, players can steal objects and samples from containment chambers. Stealing the anomalies will award the criminal a certain bounty level. Once successfully stolen, the player must head to the one of the many Marshall Carter Dark Agents to sell their heisted anomalies. Foundation will usually try to eliminate and prevent the players from selling it, since heisting will give the criminal a certain bounty level.

There will typically be obstacles and hazards that players need to avoid in these heists. Each obstacle can result in different outcomes, such as death, injury, mutations, or enemies. Currently, The Desert Tetrahedron is the only heist without its own hazards and is the easiest one to pull off. However, the Desert Tetrahedron is located in the Foundation Area nearby the spawn of the Internal Security, Scientists, Site Director, and Overseer. Foundation will usually try to eliminate and prevent the players from selling them.


Heist Name Cash Per Anomaly Total w/out Perks Total w/ Former Bank Robber


Total w/ Silver Tongue


Total w/ Both
Desert Tetrahedron 250 1,250 2,500 1,500 2,750
Zombie Laboratory 325 1,625 3,250 1,950 3,900
Telekill Alloy 350 1,750 3,500 2,100 4,200
Scarlet Lake 650 3,250 6,500 3,900 7,800

Living Room

750 3,750 7,500 4,500 9,000


Heist Name VIP




Desert Tetrahedron 1,375 1,437 1,562
Telekill Alloy 1,925 2,012 2,187
Zombie Pathogen 1,787 1,868 2,031
Scarlet Lake 3,575 3,737 4,062
Living Room 4,125 4,312 4,687


Riots double the amount gained from heists, exclusively to the Prisoners
Heist Name Total During a Prisoner Riot w/out Perks Total During a Prisoner Riot with Former Bank Robber


Total During a Prisoner Riot with Silver Tongue


Total During a Prisoner Riot with Both
Desert Tetrahedron 2,500 5,000 3,000 5,500
Zombie Laboratory 3,250 6,500 3,900 7,800
Telekill Alloy 3,500 7,000 4,200 8,400
Scarlet Lake 6,500 13,000 7,800 15,600
Living Room 7,500 15,000 9,000 18,000

Perks and Gamepasses

Locations & Hazards

Heist Name Location Hazards Difficulty level (0/5)-(5/5)
Desert Tetrahedron Research Wing Nearby Foundation


Telekill Alloy Light Containment Turrets 4/5
Zombie Laboratory Light Containment Gas Leak 2/5
Scarlet Lake Heavy Containment Scarlet Entities 4/5
Living Room Heavy Containment Flesh Tentacles 2/5


Heist Anomaly XP XP VIP XP Sponsor
Tetrahedron 500 550 575
Telekill 750 825 862
Scarlet 1000 1100 1150

Living Room

1000 1100 1150