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Removed Content
This page details a piece of content that is no longer available in Site-76: Prison Anomalies.
It was removed in version: b.0.1.5

The Lift was a large elevator found near the Prison Zone and right across the Light Containment Zone main entrance. It was located behind a large steel door and required Level 3 Clearance to open.

The Lift was used to bring players to-and-fro the Heavy Containment Zone. Players could operate it by pressing the large green button near the Lift to bring it to them, or press the button on the Lift to move. While the Lift was moving, players could jump onto a beam that had a special polaroid needed in the Wild Goose Chase badge.


  • The Lift was removed and replaced with a regular elevator in b.0.1.5 due to performance issues. It was later remodeled again in b.0.1.7 to the current Heavy Containment Elevator.
  • It was not possible to complete the Wild Goose Chase badge from b.0.1.5 to b.0.1.7 due to one of the Polaroids requiring the Lift to reach.