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The Living Room is a medium-threat heistable anomaly contained in Heavy Containment. It is unique as it is the only heist that doesn't require a C4 or explosive to start.


The Living Room resembles a tumorous, fleshy growth. It is supported by 3 large metallic chains hooked to the ceiling. To not make the chains useless, a ring the same size as the flesh room is connected to the chains with an opening allowing people to enter the room. The Living Room entrance gate requires two Chaos Insurgents or Prisoners to activate the two buttons located across the room at the same time to open it.

Interior Room

An iron gate on one side leads to its interior, which appears to be a standard low-rent apartment of modest size. One wall of the room possesses a single window, though no such opening is visible from the exterior or can be seen outside through it. The room is decorated with furniture such as couches and tables. Some pieces of furniture resemble normal furniture, while others are obviously made of human tissue.

Flesh Tentacles

When players are stealing its furniture, the room will try to protect itself by creating flesh tentacles. The tentacles proceed to eject from the floor to try to kill the player. The tentacle seems to made out of flesh with bones serving as spikes. The tentacles deal 20 damage and a short stun is made when touched by players, after a few seconds, the tentacle will go back down.

If a player is hit by a tentacle for the first time they will earn the Kebab badge.

Containment Chamber

The Living Room is housed in a massive Observation Room within Heavy Containment. It is protected by thick steel-board doors, floors, and heavy-duty walls. Two buttons can be pushed to open the entrance into the room. In order to push the button you need a keycard. The Living Room itself, is encircled by a large ring which is then held up by three large chains connected to the roof of the Living Room's containment.

In the Observation Room, items such as Flashlights, Guns, Knives, Keycards, etc. can randomly spawn. There is a table with stacked papers in front of the Living Room. There are three long metal bridges, the left and the right bridges leading to the buttons which start the heist, and the middle one leading to the entrance of the Living Room.

Test subjects are not tolerated, observation and taking notes is only allowed. The heist can only be accessed by pressing the two buttons which are located at the opposite ends of the chamber. This requires there to be at least 2 players in order to begin the heist. Normally, the Foundation can not enter the Living Room as they can't press the opening buttons, but they can enter if a heist is in progress.


There are currently 4 Badges related to Living Room:

Tactics & Guides

  • It is better to be aware and stay nearby the heist when it starts, due to ⅔ of the samples inside of it being taken in under a minute.
  • Foundation personnel will easily kill you if they get in the heist area, so try to collect the samples as fast as possible.
  • Close-quarters weapons will do extremely well here as the room is small.


  • This is the only heistable anomaly that does not require C4, as it requires two people to start the robbery.
  • This heist gives the most money and EXP per item than any other robbery sources.
  • The Living Room heist contains exactly 28 samples every heist; 2 of which are rather hard to access (the cups on the shelves), and 1 of which is hard to spot (the vase above the TV).
  • Living Room is probably a double pun as the space inside resembles a living room, and it spawns flesh tentacles which make the room "living" in some way.


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