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The Lovecraftian Locket is a very powerful and low-threat anomaly that can only be created by putting Panacea on "Fine" or "Very Fine" setting in the Clockwork Machine. It currently has no unique containment chamber as it can only be manufactured via machinery.


Upon wearing the Lovecraftian Locket, it will raise the wearer's base health to 400 HP and gives them a health regeneration rate of 6 HP per second. However, when the player reaches 400 HP, they will die and will summon a Flesh Beast. Unequipping the Locket before after it surpasses their maxed health percentage will restore their health back to their original maxed-health and will no longer kill them. Taking it off before the player reaches their maxed HP will stop regening and will leave the results of the percentage.

Flesh Beast

The Flesh Beast is an unknown-threat anomaly that is mutated after the wearer dies from the Locket. This anomaly is hostile to all players, and deals 33 Damage.. The Beast uses the same clothing as its dead host, although, its face is deformed to that of a cephalopod with tentacles and a beak.


There is currently 1 badge related to the Lovecraftian Locket:

  • Metamorphosis - Create the Lovecraftian Locket


  • The Locket is not affected by the Military Training Perk.
  • The Lovecraftian Locket Monster uses the same animations as The Cured, Scarlet Entity, and the Zombie Pathogen.
  • The Suit Man and the Lovecraftian Locket are the only anomalies without a containment chamber.
  • The Flesh Beast can drop Minigun Canisters.
  • It is not possible to wear the Unusual Amulet and the Lovecraftian locket at the same time. If tried, a message will pop up saying, "It's probably not a good idea to wear two anomalous amulets at once..."
  • The Locket does not prevent the wearer from being backstabbed.
  • The Flesh Beast in the SCP Universe is a high-threat anomaly (Keter).


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