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The Minigun is a Heavy Weapon that requires 3 pieces to be assembled. Similar to the other heavy guns, this weapon is limited amount of ammo and requires a Minigun Canister, which costs $1,500 and each one contains 1000 Bullets. This gun is recognized for shredding and taking down many lives and Anomalies as each bullet deals 13 Damage and is fully-automatic.

Part Locations

Like said in the first paragraph, there are 3 pieces: Minigun Canister, Part A, Part B.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • While holding the Minigun, the player will be given a 20% damage reduction from ranged weapons, but is unable to sprint or jump, presumably due to its heaviness weight.
  • The player needs to hold left click to rev it up before firing. Warming it up takes around one second and when it's warming up, an animation will play of the barrels on Minigun Part B spinning faster and faster.
  • The reloading speed will only take one second, since there is no animation when reloading the Canisters.
  • This weapon is best against anomalies and large groups of people with its high damage and extremely high fire rate. This makes it one of the most powerful weapons in the Site.
  • Players can only acquire one heavy weapon per inventory; meaning, they can't equip a Rocket Launcher or Flamethrower at the same time.
  • The Minigun is known for its terrible shooting accuracy and high spread upon firing the bullets.

Purchasing Concerns

Transaction Info before buying the Minigun:

  • Players will need to recraft the Minigun all over again if they leave or die.
    • Part B is forever permanent and can not be gotten rid of. It will always save between lives and servers.
    • Part A is not permanent and must be obtained again if the player dies or leaves.
    • Minigun Canisters last for only one life. If the player loses it, they will have to repurchase it from a store or find another.
  • It is advised to purchase the Flamethrower instead of a Minigun as the Flamethrower can be converted to a Minigun and Rocket Launcher through the Clockwork Machine. This can save the player over $350,000.
  • The Sponsor Gamepass will discount Minigun Part B's price to $225,000.
  • The Minigun can be converted to a Rocket Launcher by placing the status on Coarse in the Clockwork Machine for free.
  • The Minigun can not be converted to a Flamethrower.

Clockwork Combinations

This is a list of the Minigun's Clockwork Machine combinations.


There is currently only 1 Badge related to the Minigun:

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction - Acquire a Flamethrower or Minigun.

Notes and Trivia

  • Heavy weapons are not team specific, meaning that Prisoners, Foundation, Chaos Insurgents, and The Mask can use one.
  • This is the only Gun that does not have a reloading animation.
  • A full-ammo Minigun Canister (1000/1000) is equivalent to 13,000 damage! That's enough damage to stun the Old Man 8-9 times!
  • It is possible to obtain a Minigun from the Clockwork Machine, but doing so does not make the Minigun Canister available at stores.
  • The Cured and Scarlet Entities can drop minigun canisters some times.
  • Minigun has his own emoji in YGW Official Discord Server.


  1. There is a small chance of dropping a canister, the drop is not a 100% chance.


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