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The Mobile Task Force (MTF), is a Foundation job in Site-76. They spawn in the Mobile Task Force Armory located between the Foundation Area and Light Containment.


MTF is an elite group comprised of the most special tactical operatives. They are generalized for mobilizing to emergency situations that may surpass operational capacity or regular fielding expertise. As their duties imply, they are represented or are considered as the as the "best of the best" of the Foundation.

These combatants are most importantly known for being professionalized for providing re-containment procedures to breached Anomalies; which is why they are armed with special gears used for counterattacks. They are also tasked for maintaining the safekeeping of Foundation personnel, such as, shutting down any Prisoner Riots or Chaos Insurgency raids.

MTF have a level requirement of 10 and a player limit of 8 at a time.


The standard equipment of Mobile Task Force consists of:


  • The Military Training Perk goes well with the MTF and Security. Deleted information related to vest due to the fact that they are currently broken
  • Anomaly Bane Perk can give damage buff to Anomalies, especially when the player is a Mobile Task Force Personnel.


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