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The Old Man is a high-threat anomaly contained inside the Heavy Containment Zone, and is currently the second most expensive anomaly to play as.

Appearances & Behavior

The Old Man is a slow-moving, sentient and violent elderly humanoid anomaly. As his name suggests, his skin is covered with corrosive ink and decaying skin effects. Whenever he walks, he will stain the floor by trailing a long corroding path of an unknown substance. The trail will then disappear as he continues to walk or teleport.

At unknown intervals, the Old Man will rise from the ground near a random player and begin to chase the nearest person. When a player makes direct physical contact with the Old Man, it will grab the player and drag them to his Pocket Dimension, before disappearing temporarily. If the Old Man is player controlled, then the host of Old Man will receive $150 and 150 EXP for each capture.

The Old Man is able to teleport through floors and walk through certain doors. He can also be stunned when he receives enough damage via Weapons, similar to the Shy Guy. If the Old Man gets successfully stunned, it will retreat into his Pocket Dimension. Players can earn the "Boomer Bane" badge by stunning the Old Man.

Pocket Dimension

The Old Man's Pocket Dimension consists of a circular room with various hallways the player can go through. If the Old Man's victim goes through the wrong hallway or stays too long in the Dimension, it will kill the player. If the player exits the correct hallway and escapes, they'll be teleported back to where they got captured and earn the badge, Five Dimensional Chess. The exit hallway is randomized every time, so escaping is a completely random chance.

He means business. Vibrates through walls and can burrow underground.


A player Old Man has the same basic attack as an NPC, grabbing victims and taking them to his Pocket Dimension. The Old Man has three abilities:

Icon Ability Description
Targeted Teleport.png Targeted Teleport Old Man will sink down into the ground. Then, the player is able to switch the location of where they want to teleport by pressing A or D.
Random Teleport.png Random Teleport Old Man will sink through the ground and then reappear in a random location in the facility nearby other players.
Pocket Dimension Teleport.png Shadow Realm Teleport Old Man will go inside the Pocket Dimension. Going through any of the hallways will teleport the player to a random location in the facility.


Old Man's containment chamber

The Old Man's containment is located in the Heavy Containment Zone. No physical interaction with the Old Man is allowed and no test subjects are allowed in his cell. The only time personnel are allowed in the cell is for the Femur Breaker. Observation from the Control Panel decks are tolerated, but no surveillance cameras are included.

The Old Man is locked up in a huge sealed containment box. The box is to be reinforced with ELO-IID Electromagnetic supports that are used to prevent corrosiveness. Magnets are placed to prevent the Old Man from walking through the cell's walls and escaping. There are no doors or entrances to his cell. All functions of the containment cube must be working at all times.

The automatic machine used for the containment management in the Containment Management Deck is to be online for 24/7. Backup generators are to be automatically turned on if there is a power outage. There is a Femur Breaker Control Panel for the use of the Old Man. The Femur Breaker Control Panel activates the Femur Breaker, but it can only be activated once somebody is laying down on the Femur Breaker. A person must quickly press a green button to activate the femur once the sacrifice status is present.

Femur Breaker


The Femur Breaker is a trap mechanism used to re-contain the Old Man after it has breached. The Femur Breaker can only turn on in one of two ways; after 15 minutes have passed (10 minutes for an NPC Old Man), or after the Old Man has been stunned 3 times. The machine requires one sacrifice and one player to turn on the mechanism from the observation deck.

The machine fractures the sacrifice's femur bone and will blast an "OOOOOOOOOOOF", which represents the player's pain, through the facility's intercoms. This is so that the Old Man is baited into coming back into its containment cube.

Once this happens, the Old Man will rise up through the floor or the wall in front of the containment cube and walk into the cube. Once he has entered, the containment door will shut and the cube will rise back up. The sacrifice will die and the Old Man will be successfully re-contained.

The sacrificed player will earn $500 afterwards. Players who have a Contract on the Old Man will lose it, unless they are the player who activated the Femur Breaker from the observation deck. Though the person on the Observation Deck must head to containment chamber before the cutscene ends.


The Old Man can only teleport to specific locations around the facility. Currently, there are 45 locations the Old Man can to teleport to. Those 45 locations are:

Sound Effects

Ambience Audio
Femur Breaker Audio
Containment Chamber Ambience


There are currently 4 available Badges related to the Old Man with another no longer available:

  • A Broken OOF - Be sacrificed to the Old Man with the Femur Breaker.
  • Five Dimensional Chess - Escape from the Old Man's Pocket Dimension.
  • Pocket Bunker - Be in the Pocket Dimension whilst the Omega Warhead goes off.
  • Boomer Bane - Stun the Old Man by dealing 1500 damage to it.
  • Under Pressure - Be crushed after Old Man breaches and its chamber falls down. No longer available since b.0.1.6 due to chamber remodel.

Version History WIP

This is a list of known changes to the Old Man (press expand to view).

  • b.0.1.8 - Old Man is given white glowing eyes and has its speed increased by 2.
  • b.0.1.7 - Old Man's containment gets new ambient sounds.
  • b.0.1.631 - Issue with Old Man taking damage while teleporting are fixed.
  • b.0.1.63 - Issues resulting from the Old Man resetting are fixed.
  • b.0.1.61 - Old Man can now walk through most doors in the facility.
  • b.0.1.6 - Old Man receives a massive rework.
    • Old Man is now playable for 10 Shards
    • Old Man is now invincible while teleporting
  • b.0.1.3 - Old Man can now be stunned if enough damage is dealt to it.
  • b.0.1.24 - The Explosive Bat no longer disappears if it is dropped in Old Man's Pocket Dimension.

Notes and Trivia

  • In pre-b.0.1.1846, Old Man's pocket dimension was originally a maze.
  • The "Boomer Bane" badge may be a reference of the "OK Boomer" meme.
  • The Old Man is unable to walk through the The Sealed Door, Level 989 Door, or any other locked doors.
  • The Old Man's containment chamber is named "Oid Man" as an Easter egg referring to the lead developer "OIdMachine" (the I is a capital "i").
  • The Old Man can't take damage from Tesla Gates.
  • Androxius, a contributor for Yellow Gearworks, voiced the Femur Breaker "OOOOOF" scream.
  • According to the picture in the infographic, Old Man appears to be standing in his Pocket Dimension.
  • The Old Man is often referred to as "Larry", "Uncle Larry", "Radical Larry", or other such variations.
    • Another Nickname for the Old Man is "Brazil Man", and the Pocket Dimension is called "Brazil" because it is a reference of "You are going to Brazil" meme.
  • Stepping in front of Old Man while he is walking to his Containment Chamber during the cutscene will make him pull the player to the Pocket Dimension.
    • This glitch will probably let him survive until it leaves the Dimension, Femur Breaker is reactivated again, or if the Omega Warheads are detonated.
    • There is a possible chance the cutscene will redo again or either the bug is fixed now.
      • This also happens but with the player-controlled, when stunning Old Man, he would immediately retreat but when getting out of his dimension, he will simply return to his containment area then enter his box.
  • The Old Man later received glowing eyes in b.0.1.8.
  • If the Old Man walks back into its containment, it won't be automatically contained; unless if the Femur Breaker is online.
  • The Old Man can not survive the Omega Warhead, even if it evacuates to the Pocket Dimension.
  • Stunning the Old Man as a Foundation Personnel does not reward player cash or experience.
  • There are invisible walls near the railings in Old Man's Cell.
    • This might prevent glitching or either for players accidently falling there.
  • The player-controlled Old Man has the ability to pull players who are infected with the Zombie Pathogen.
  • The Old Man can not capture players who are cuffed.
    • This is most likely not a bug due to the pulling animation still occurring.
  • Jumping over the Old Man will extend his hitbox. Capturing the player 8 studs away.


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