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"I am the cure."
~ Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is a sentient and violent humanoid medium-threat anomaly contained and located inside the Heavy Containment Zone. It is one of the playable anomalies.

Appearance and Behavior

The Plague Doctor resembles a 17th-19th century European plague doctor that treated the Bubonic Plague, but there's a twist. This is no normal Plague Doctor, this is a doctor that turns organisms to zombies. The disease he is trying to cure is called the "Pestilence." Instead of curing, his fatal touch turns living things to a mindless zombie, or also known as, The Cured. The Doctor will chase the nearest player within attack range, moving at a moderate speed. When the Doctor makes contact with a player, the player will be immediately killed and the Doctor will play a fair-length animation (approximately 6 seconds) of operating on the player's body before reviving the player as a zombie. During this period, the Doctor cannot move or attack other players[1], however, it is still vulnerable to damage.[2] Once the animation is done and the Player Plague Doctor has fully cured them, the player will respawn as The Cured. If an NPC Plague Doctor cured a player, the player who got killed will just die and will not respawn as The Cured. However, the player's corpse will turn into The Cured and will be an NPC.

If the Doctor is being controlled by a player, cured players will take control of the Cured. However, if a player is wearing the Unusual Amulet, they will not respawn as a Cured even if the Doctor is player controlled. If an NPC Plague Doctor is in control they'll respawn as an NPC Cured. Cured players will need to stay in a certain radius of the Doctor or they will start losing HP. When hit and in the radius of the Doctor, the players start regaining health points.

The Doctor has 5 voice-lines in its toolbar that can be played at any time [3]. A sixth unique voice-line can be triggered when a player wearing the Jade Ring touches the Doctor. The 6th unique voice-line is "Stop resisting....I am trying to cure you." If a player with the Jade Ring touches an NPC Plague Doctor, it will stop moving, and will trigger the voice-line. If someone touches a player Doctor with the Jade Ring on, the voice-line will play, but the Doctor will continue to move. When it's a Player Plague Doctor, the Jade Ring does not grant you 100% immunity from the infection, and you may get "cured" even if you have the ring on. The ring does not give you immunity to The Cured, whether if it's an NPC or a Player.

The Doctor's health as a player-controlled anomaly is 2000. For every single player the Doctor "cures", the player will receive $140 and 80 EXP. The Doctor will also gain 100 HP for each cure if their health isn't full.

Containment Chamber

The Plague Doctor's containment is located in the Heavy Containment Zone, guarded by Level-3 security clearance. It is between Burning Man and Shy Guy.

The Plague Doctor appears to be quarantined in a wide medium-large sized room. A normal metallic sliding door and thick glass are built to heavily secure him. His cell does not contain any advanced technology inside, but there is only one surveillance camera to monitor him. There is a heavy-duty cabinet for him to store his stuff, but it seems he doesn't use the shelf. Since no janitors or any maintenance team are allowed in the cell, the confinement looks as if the room hasn't been cleaned for years. The cell looks like a decaying solitary confinement cell that came from a abandoned asylum. The windows from the inside view are very dirty, and has a poor viewing quality; the windows on the Observation Room's perspective is clean. No food or liquid resources, beds, bathrooms, etc. are provided for him.

In the Observation Room, there are computers, a Plague Doctor Control Pole, and other utilities. Scientists have the authority to watch and study the Plague Doctor. The Observation Room is clean, unlike his containment cell. If you listen, you can hear the Doctor's breathing ambience in the room. Any containment failures or getting exposed from the Doctor's viral infection will result in immediate termination.

Re-Containment Strategies

An NPC Plague Doctor is able to be stunned via firepower, but while stunned requires a player to use the Plague Control Pole on it in order to fully re-contain them. The Control Pole can only be used by pressing "E" on the NPC Plague Doctor when stunned. An NPC Plague Doctor can also to be led into a Tesla Gate, which will instantly kill the Plague Doctor instead of stunning it.

The easiest way to safely contain NPC Plague Doctor is to get the Jade Ring, a Submachine Gun, and the Control Pole. Having the Minigun or a Rocket Launcher is even more effective. The Jade Ring will make you 100% immune to the NPC Plague Doctor's deadly touch, but only (unknown)% immune to player controlled Plague Doctors . Without the Control Pole, you are unable to re-contain NPC Plague Doctor. A submachine gun is efficient for stunning the Plague Doctor. Having the Rocket Launcher or Minigun is the fastest and the most effective way to stun NPC Plague Doctor. DO NOT use the Flamethrower or a melee weapon to counter the NPC Plague Doctor. The NPC is currently immune to the flames and can not take damage.

To contain the Player Plague Doctor, bring a Jade Ring and a Submachine Gun. Having the Minigun, Flamethrower, or a Rocket Launcher is even better. Keep a distance away from the Plague Doctor so he can not touch you. You can not always rely on the Jade Ring when it comes to the Player Plague Doctor, because it won't grant you 100% immunity, unlike the NPC Plague Doctor. Make sure to run when he gets closer to you, he has a unusual hitbox and can cure you from 5 studs away. When he is currently curing someone, now is the time to fight and shoot, but be prepared to run when he is done. Having a heavy weapon can deal severe damage to him, using the Rocket Launcher is the best gun for countering him. DO NOT use the Control Pole to contain him. The Control Pole only works with the NPC Plague Doctor, not a Player Plague Doctor. The best time to use a melee is when the Plague Doctor is curing someone. Do not use it when he is not in the process of curing someone.

When stunned, The Doctor will fall to the ground on one knee, showing signs of pain and/or injury. If the Doctor is stunned and sufficient time has passed without them being re-contained, the Doctor will get back up, restore their health bar, and become active again[4].

The Cured

The Cured appears to be a humanoid anomalous creature. The Cured can be found when a players' body or corpse gets cured by the Plague Doctor. The Plague Doctor refers The Cured as a cured person to the "Pestilence", or also known as his imaginary virus outbreak. The Cured can be either an NPC or a real player, it depends if the Plague Doctor is a player or an NPC. and once the player fully transform into The Cured, they will be switched to the Anomalies team. If The Cured is an NPC it will spawn with more HP than The Cured player controlled, The Cured NPC will stay idle unless it detects an hostile player, if The Cured is player controlled it needs to be near Plague Doctor player or The Cured HP will drain overtime.

Quotes and Voice lines

"I can assure you, my cure is most effective."

"I am the Cure."

"Do not be afraid, I am the cure."

"I sense the disease in you."

"Fear not, I'm not trying to harm you."

"I can see you are not well, the sickness has taken ahold of you."

"Stop resisting... I am trying to cure you." (This audio is used when a player uses the Jade Ring to resist the NPC Plague Doctor's touch)


There are currently 3 available Badges related to the the Plague Doctor:

  • No, I am the Cure! - wear the Jade Ring while the Plague Doctor touches you.
  • Cured - Be killed by the Plague Doctor.
  • Bazza Bash - Stun an NPC Plague Doctor using your fists.

Notes and Trivia

  • In version b.0.1.21 of Site 76, when the Plague Doctor took damage, it was reduced to 90% and 10% more health from curing someone. Thus Plague Doctor became the most powerful anomaly in Site 76.
  • The Plague Doctor can be killed by the Tesla Gate's electrocution.
  • The NPC Plague Doctor has the ability to summon multiple duplicates of The Cured.
  • Whenever a player is cured, they will be switched to the Anomalies team.
    • This does not count towards the NPC Plague Doctor
  • The NPC Plague Doctor has a special voiceline when curing someone, which is "I can assure you, my cure is most effective."
  • Developer OidMachine is the voice actor for the Plague Doctor.
  • The Plague Control Pole only works for the NPC Plague Doctor.
  • The Plague Doctor has his own UGC item. Link is here:
  • Instances of 049-2 have a small chance of dropping a Minigun canister.
  • Upon wearing the Jade Ring, the NPC-controlled Plague Doctor will become immobilized, but this does not apply to a player-controlled one


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  1. In version b.0.1.21 of Site 76, when the Plague Doctor took damage, it was reduced to 90% and 10% more health from curing someone. Thus Plague Doctor became the most powerful anomaly in Site 76.
  2. The Plague Doctor can get killed by the Tesla Gate's electrocution.
  3. OId Machine is the voice actor for Plague Doctor.
  4. The Plague Control Pole doesn't work on a Player-Controlled Plague Doctor.