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Holiday Exclusive
This page details a piece of Holiday exclusive content that may not be currently obtainable.

"Santa has arrived at the facility!"
Announcement Broadcast

Santa is an original anomaly that can only be seen during the Christmas event. He is not playable and spawns randomly around the facility. He wears the usual Santa Claus modern outfit.

Description & Behavior

Santa will enter Site-76 ranging from 30 minutes - 1 hour after he left the facility. When Santa appears at the site, a [SYSTEM] message in the chat will say: "Santa has arrived into the Facility!" After approximately 10 minutes, Santa will leave the facility and a [SYSTEM] message in the chat will say: "Santa has left the Facility."

Santa will randomly wander around the facility to give players red Presents. These gifts can contain items, weapons, or anomalous items; examples such as the Lump of Coal, Panacea, or on rarer occasions, heavy weapons. Items obtained from Santa are not permanent, and they will lose it if they die or leave. Players who receive the Lump of Coal will earn the Naughty List badge and will be able to find the coal from the Maintenance Tunnels. Players with a high bounty will have a higher chance of receiving the Lump of Coal in their gift.

Santa is similar to the Eye Pods; whenever a player is near him, he will bond with the player and follow them. He will later then leave after several moments, and then quickly run away. Santa appears to not take damage from weapons, nor other hostile anomalies.


Santa's one and only line: When Santa gives a Gift to a player.

  • "Merry Christmas!"


There are currently 2 badges related to Santa:

  • Naughty List - Be given a lump of coal during the Christmas Event.
  • Christmas Cheer - Be given a Christmas present by Santa.


  • Santa's title is "Anomalies..?" instead of "Anomalies"
  • This and The Vampire are the only anomalies in the game that are not based off an SCP.
  • Santa can not enter the Heavy Containment Zone or the Surface.
  • The Foundation have a chance of getting a Lump of Coal.
  • Dhammapada, one of the Site-76: Prison Anomalies developers, confirmed Santa brought the Giant Gift into the Storage Bay.
    • Santa brought the Giant Gift to Site-76 because Site-76 can't afford anti-aircraft battery munition so Santa didn't get shot down on the way in.
  • Santa has the ability to give exclusive items that are not obtainable anymore. (Example: The Scythe or the Candy Cane).
  • Santa and the Christmas Event was removed on January 4th, 2021.
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