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Removed Content
This page details a piece of content that is no longer available in Site-76: Prison Anomalies.
It was removed in version: b.0.1.735

Shards were a currency used by players to play as anomalies. To become an anomaly, the player would have had to pay 1 to 10 shards, depending on the anomaly. For example, the Old Man costed 10 Shards, while Mr. Fish costed 1 Shard.

Shards were able to be bought at the Interrogation RoomChaos Insurgency Base, and the lower Prison Zone from Marshall Carter Dark Agents for $1000. Alternatively, they could be rarely found around the facility.

Shards were first introduced in the game in version b.0.1.3 but later removed in version b.0.1.735 due to being "Unnecessary". All Shards were converted back into money with 1 Shard being converted to $1000.


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