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The Shy Guy is a High-Threat Anomaly contained within Heavy Containment. It is one of the playable anomalies and stands as the most expensive to play as.


The Shy Guy is a tall, toothless, and slender humanoid. It walks very slow most of the time, but is capable of traveling extremely high-speeds when provoked, and will terminate anyone who views its face.

When breached, the Shy Guy will walk slowly and roam around Site-76, which is known as his docile state. He will cover his face and cry at the same time. If a player come across Shy Guy and views his face, it will enter a stage of considerable emotional distress, and the target's body will be pinpointed with a red skull, which is the same one as Contract Killer.

Shy Guy's eyes will turn darkish-red; he will start crying, screaming, and babbling incoherently. He will receive damage reduction of 50% during his windup from weapons, but not at any point after that. During this period he is unable to move temporarily

Once his mobilization period is done, which lasts 6 seconds, Shy Guy will scream whilst running fast and attempt to find/kill the person who saw its face. If the Shy Guy is player-controlled, they will have a rage meter (Similar to Zombie Pathogen, Wendigo Skull) that will fill up and will decrease gradually over time, but will regen if more targets are detected. The victim will start to hear chasing ambience throughout the pursuit.

If the Shy Guy manages to hit their victim by violently slashing them with its claws, it will instantly kill the player. For every kill, the player Shy Guy will be rewarded $50, 20 EXP. Once all of his targets are eliminated or his rage meter runs out, the Shy Guy will automatically relax, and will lose track of all his targets, but will return to hostile if someone saw his face again. If the Player-Controlled Shy Guy would like to cancel their enragement and spare the victim's life, they will be able to use their first ability.


Icon Ability Description
Cancel Enrage Cancels enragement animation and spares the victim's life.

Sound Effects

Ambience Audio
Shy Guy Crying
Shy Guy Enraged
Shy Guy Screaming
Pursuit Theme


Shy Guy's Containment Chamber is located in the Heavy Containment (HC 2-1), between the Plague Doctor's Containment and The Toxic Waste Disposal. He appears to be sealed inside an airtight steel container, that is shaped as a 3D cube. There is absolutely no direct video or physical surveillance inside his cell under any circumstances; instead, there are sonar emissions that will detect if he's contained or not. There is also a control station which is where the breach button is located and a TV showing the amount of stuns Shy Guy has received.

Shy Guy's re-containment procedure is similar to the Old Man's. The Shy Guy must be stunned three times before it can, finally, be contained by using the Bag and holding the E Key. This applies to both the NPC and player-controlled Shy Guy. When he is stunned, he will kneel on the floor/paralyzed temporarily, and will lose track of all his targets.

Re-Containment Strategies

  • Due to the Shy Guy's abilities, it is often difficult to stun, let alone contain it.
  • Attack the Shy Guy with any available weapons before retreating to areas it cannot reach. For Example: Spawn Points, Warhead Shelters, etc.
  • If it is too difficult to (re)contain the Shy Guy, it is highly recommended to activate the Omega Warheads if it's active for detonation.
  • Attempting to use a Tesla Gate on Shy Guy is not advised, as Shy Guy is completely immune to it, and will just pass through it as player or NPC.
  • Using a weapon that does well up-close, such as the shotgun, is good, as well as using a weapon such as the M4 to pick Shy Guy off from a more comfortable range.
  • Using heavy weapons such as the Rocket Launcher near any inaccessible areas for Shy Guy to enter during his enrage time will deal massive damage, just remember to put your heavy weapon away to run before Shy Guy enrages completely.

Version History

List of known Shy Guy changes and bug fixes. (press expand to view).

Shy Guy Update

  • The Shy Guy was added.


  • The Shy Guy's health was reduced from 1750 to 1500
  • Health regeneration was nerfed from 20 to 10.
  • Enraging duration has been lowered.
  • Shy Guy can no longer force open doors in enraged mode without pressing E.


  • Shy Guy's infinite rage bug patched
  • Teleporting into the ceiling and then dying as the Shy Guy *should* have been fixed.
  • Breaching cooldown timer upgraded from 2 to 5 minutes.


  • Shy Guy's health regeneration was reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Shy Guy getting stuck on the ceiling has been completely patched.


  • Player Shy Guy can no longer enrage inside the Prison Zone.
  • Possible fix to his rage generation breaking.
  • Possible fix to looking at him and not enraging.
  • Shy Guy is no longer immune to Rockets/Rocket Launcher.
  • Shy Guy receives his current infographic.


  • Shy Guy's health regeneration has been removed.

Trivia & Notes

  • Developer Dhammapada first teased Shy Guy on January 27th, 2020 on the Yellow Gearworks Discord Server; but it wasn't formally revealed until November 10th, 2020, when it was revealed on the Yellow Gearworks Twitter.
  • The Developers were required to give the Shy Guy Shorts due to ROBLOX's Terms of Services (ToS). This was also required for the Doorman.
  • Shy Guy took a long time to release due to the Yellow Gearworks developers working on their 3rd game, as well as internal issues regarding Shy Guy.
    • This also means that Yellow Gearworks will be spending less time on Site-76 in general, as they will be actively working on their 3rd game.
  • Upon attacking Shy Guy with weaponry, he will automatically be provoked.
  • Shy Guy costs the most money to play as out of all the playable anomalies.
  • During the Christmas Event, Developer Dhammapada confirmed that Santa delivered the giant gift containing Shy Guy into the facility.
  • Shy Guy’s crying sound effect came from the SCP: Containment Breach : "SCP-096’s crying sound effect".
  • Shy Guy's containment has the letters "096" written on it. This is unique as no other YGW anomaly has a reference to its SCP item number.
  • There are no anomaly defense measures in the Prison Zone that counter Shy Guy; however, Shy Guy is unable to enrage inside the Prison Zone
  • Shy Guy can be contracted by the Mobile Task Force.
  • Developer Felgrim has stated that SCRAMBLE Gear may be added in the future. He explained how it malfunctions every time the wearer blinks, and it can show Shy Guy's face. It is unknown if the SCRAMBLE Gears will rework after a certain amount of time, or it breakdown indefinitely.
    • However, there are no pieces of evidence that Felgrim confirmed this, so this may be false information. But, multiple people addressed that he mentioned SCRAMBLE Gears for future updates.
  • Shy Guy cannot trigger Tesla Gates when raged or in its docile state. This is thought to be because of Shy Guy's slow walk speed while in his docile state.
  • Even if Shy Guy is in his docile state, the Melancholy Lamp's effect can still affect him.
  • The Mask can enrage the Shy Guy when looking at its face, but player-controlled Shy Guy is unable to attack The Mask; however, NPC-Controlled Shy Guy is vice versa.
  • Shy Guy has been confirmed to be the last playable and major anomaly to be added to Site-76: Prison Anomalies, due to issues surrounding the age of the code, which has caused bugs and memory leaks.
  • Developer Felgrim mentioned how Shy Guy was intended to be the most powerful anomaly in the game.
  • Shy Guy, The Mask, and the Old Man all require Level 5 Clearance to breach, making them the only anomalies that require it.
  • Shy Guy is around 8 feet tall in Site-76, proven by the Security Height sign. Due to it's knees being slightly bent, it looks like it's 7 feet tall (docile). When it is in rage mode, it is 6 feet tall due to it's knees being bent more.
  • The NPC-Controlled Shy Guy can not jump, or run down small paths/ledges.
  • Shy Guy is a classified high-threat anomaly, but he is Euclid in the SCP Wiki.
  • Shy Guy's threat level was unknown, until a update which came some time after the release of the Shy Guy Update.
  • Before b.0.2.03, Shy Guy could force open doors in enraged mode without pressing [E], except for blast doors. It is unknown why this changed.
  • The Explosive Bat cannot affect Shy Guy.


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