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The Site 76 Wiki is the #1 Informational Website dedicated to Site-76: Prison Anomalies. This Wikia serves its purpose to provide guides and teach players about the game's functionality or lore. This network stores many articles that explains almost every detail related to the game, such as, statistics, pictures, communities, lore, etc. Not only this website houses informative databases/media, but it also allows people to connect/interact with our community, edit pages, write Fanfictions, or catch up on the latest or upcoming updates about the game!

Before browsing the Wiki, the Site 76 Wiki Administration Team advises everyone to read the Rules. It is also recommended to rewrite stubs or pages that may contain inaccurate information.

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Site-76: Prison Anomalies is a Roblox game developed by Yellow Gearworks. The game was created on April 10th, 2019, entered early access on January 26, 2020 that could be purchased for 75 Robux, left early access on October 28th, 2020, and became free to play. Site-76 is heavily inspired and based on the SCP Universe and the gameplay of Space Station 13.

Site-76 is a top-secret intelligence agency managed by Yellow Gearworks, also known as the Foundation. Site-76 is located in Wales and is disguised as a water treatment plant. The area was established on April 25th, 1971, meanwhile, Site-76: Prison Anomalies takes place in the 2010's. The Foundation's primary mission is to protect mankind by conducting the containment and research of anomalous artifacts, entities, and alternate dimensions, that all exceed supernatural appearance or ability that cannot be evaluated by current scientific knowledge.

Although Yellow Gearworks is documented by the formal government, it is confirmed in the fact that the company's economy and stocks are too poor, understaffed, and impoverished, to afford additional utilities and salaries.

In game, Players can either choose to be Foundation, Prisoner, Chaos Insurgency, or play as an Anomaly. More core aspects of the game allows players to experiment on Anomalies, level up Keycards, purchase Weapons, defend or sabotage the facility, and more!

Site-76 Prison Anomalies is no longer receiving major updates, as confirmed by the developers.

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Site 76 Wiki Changelogs
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  • 🏠The Wiki homepage is still under construction, as it is receiving changes and revamps.
  • 👑The Staff template will now display the Roblox username of the corresponding admin.
  • 🗣️New Discussion Related Posts added to articles.
  • ✏️Editors with over 100+ Contributions receives a Wiki Contributor usertag. This is to support our fellow wiki editors.
  • ⭐New material icons, social links, and a picture header added to the homepage's content.
  • 🖱️The scrolling bar's CSS colors have been changed on this website.
  • 💻The new FandomDesktop mode has somewhat affected multiple CSS codes, but partially fixed some unknown errors. Maintenance is currently trying to make the Site-76 wiki compatible for FandomDesktop.
  • 🎉The Site 76 Wiki is now associated with the Roblox Interwiki! (Credits to RealDudeOhYeah for applying and Dxrknrg for suggesting/adding the template.)
  • 📝Rules and Manual Of Style are still under construction (grammar errors and adding new policies).

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The Lovecraftian Locket does not prevent players from being backstabbed, nor does it enhance immunity to the taser.
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