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Updated: October 30, 2021 (UTC)

The Manual of Style details key and important editing rules used when participating on the Wiki. It is required for all editors to skim through this Manual if there is a question on how something should be formatted or written. If you have a question that is not answered by the Manual, you can ask one of the many Admins for help.

Manual of Style

Writing Articles and Grammar Studies

  • Pages must have infoboxes when applicable.
  • Correct Grammar, Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, etc. are mandatory at all times.
  • A space between a comma and a word is expected
    • Example: America, Greenland, and Antarctica.
  • Avoid publishing unnecessary context,
    • Examples: Avoid typing "...", ":(", etc.
    • This rule can only be bypassed when writing a quote.
  • Certain Abbreviations should be avoided, but may be used if they are used in-game. Example: Experience can be shortened to EXP; however, abbreviations like "MTF", "CI", "MCD Ltd.", etc. may not be used.
    • Before using the abbreviation "MTF", it must be written fully once before shortening it.
  • Anomalies should not be written as "SCP-[NUMBER]." It should only written as their designated name. This can only be bypassed when writing certain infoboxes or quotes.
  • The {{USERNAME}} template should not be used in articles, unless if it's necessary to.
    • This rule can be bypassed when writing a quote.
  • It is advised to use Source Edit mode, as it is more advanced and reliable. Visual Edit may cause such troublesome glitches, and it is not as advanced.
  • Proper Nouns should always be capitalized. This may refer to anything in Site-76: Prison Anomalies, such as The Bell, Former Bank Robber, Foundation Area.
  • Words that have their own page should be hyperlinked. Use the External Hyperlink if the subject is not related to the wiki. (Example: Mobile Task Force Armory, Google)
    • Try not to excessively link the same word to another page multiple times, it only needs to be linked once.
    • The excessive linking rule can be ignored when writing a Table.
    • If you do not know how to link a text, more information can be found here.
  • Numbers that are over 1,000 should not be abbreviated. Meaning, do not a "K" or "M" after the number. It should be written fully and unabbreviated.
    • Example: Write "15,000", instead of "15k".
  • All pages need to be written in the third-person point of view (no "you", "me", "); It can be dismissed when creating a Guide page or Fanfiction.
  • Color elements should only be used when there is a precedent for it, especially infoboxes. Each color should match the corresponding word.
    • For Example: If the threat classification is Low, it should be colored as Low.
    • If you do not know how to color code a text, tutorials can be found here.
  • When writing pages about an anomaly, the page's title is to be based on the anomaly's infographic, not their nametag.
    • Example: It's "Fish Man", instead of "Mr. Fish". Another example would be "Scarlet Lake", instead of "Red Lake".
    • Some pages may have a redirect if this occurs.
  • All articles must be written in English. This wiki consists of an English-speaking community, and all edits are expected to adhere to proper English writing and grammar.
  • The only form of measurement allowed is "studs". If you need to calculate a stud's size, use your character's foot.
  • Do not underline, bold, strikethrough, etc. random words, unless if it's necessary to.
  • Don't add categories that do not regard to the page's theme. This includes templates too.
  • Avoid creating useless pages. Users may accidentally create unnecessary pages, and if that ever happened to you, contacting an active Sysop on the Site-76 wiki will help.
    • Check if there are already existing pages through here before creating one.
  • Anomalies' names should be bolded when hyperlinked to a page (example: The Mask, Badges).
  • Use italics for brand names/games outside of Site-76: Prison Anomalies, excluding Roblox. For example: Minecraft, Witching Hour and SCP: Containment Breach.
  • All quotes in quotation marks should be written in italics.
  • If the Tablet of Contents is taking up too much of a page's space, or disturbs its structure, please remove it. If you do not know how to remove the Tablet of Contents, first, head to Source edit mode, then type __NOTOC__
  • Site 76 Wiki is a source of information, not a dictionary. Try to limit the amount of complicated words/phrases when writing articles, and make them simple yet informative.

Article Formatting

  • Leading section - The first section of an article should be short and contain basic or background information. This includes the subject's name, and location.
  • Description section(s) - The Description section is the 2nd main segment of an article. It should go in-depth on a subject and are where most of the information of an article should be located. They can be used to describe a subjects appearance, additions, effects, or abilities.
  • Sound Effects - Sound Effects or SFX are the 3rd main components of the page. It accommodates various in-game sound effects that generalize to the main topics of the article, such as voicelines, ambience, or theme songs.
  • Version History - Version History is the 4th main part of the page. Some pages may not have this content, due to the lack of update information. These contents display version updates, such as system changes, bug patches, or add-ons relating to the main subject.
  • Notes and Trivia - Notes and Trivia should be the 5th section of the page. They inform and discuss extra information regarding the main subjects of the article, as if they weren't descripted in the descriptions.
  • Gallery - The Gallery is the last portion of the page. It contains extra pictures/files/videos along with captions. If the captions do not align within the picture's frame, it is advised to merge the text in. If there is an overload amount of pictures inside the Gallery, it is required to add tabbers.


[[File:Shy Guy Scream.ogg|none|thumb]]
<gallery captionalign="center">

Imagery & Files

  • Photos should not be formatted where it is difficult to analyze or its huge enlargement. The picture shouldn't take a huge amount of the page's space, this also includes Infoboxes and Templates. Photos' sizes should not be small where it is extremely difficult or impossible to read.
    • If you need help controlling the size of the photo, more information can be found here.
  • All images must have a descriptive filename
  • Pictures should be used in infoboxes when applicable.
  • When making a transparent photo or cropping an image, do not make it look sloppy.
  • Multiple images should be placed in a Gallery at the bottom of the page.
  • Anything that does not regard to the subject of the screenshot should be cropped. Do not add unnecessary stuff within the photo, meaning, do not add watermarks, avoid in-game hotbars, unnecessary images within the photo, etc.
    • Watermarks are allowed to be pasted on maps or such other variations of artwork.
      • The watermarks on the map should be isolated away from the main concepts of the picture. For Example: placing a huge watermark that takes up the whole photo, or inserting it in front of the map diagram, these are all restricted
    • It is also advised to move your cursor out of the way when taking a screenshot.
  • Do not add files that contain flashing or strobing lights.
  • Do not add unnecessary images to a page's gallery. This includes duplicate images or images that don't relate to the subject.

Writing A Fanfiction

  • Fanfics written on user pages must be titled as: User:AUTHOR'S USERNAME/TITLE OF FANFIC
    • Example: User:Java The Freelancer/Things that Dr. Bright is not allowed to do at Site-76
    • The userspace should be your personal FANDOM username, not others.
  • You can decide how your fanfic will be formatted, since it is your work.
  • If you want to talk with other users, use the "Talk" function by going on the arrow next to the "Edit" button.
    • Avoid hate, harassment, or such other "deconstructive" criticism variations when feedbacking or communicating with other users.
  • Hyperlinks do not have to be included in fanfics.
  • If you are unable to categorize the user page to Fanfictions, go to source edit mode, scroll to the bottom of the page, and type [[Category:Fanfiction]].
  • Any fanfics that are not related or based on Site-76 will be removed. Although, you may write about SCP Foundation stories, but we encourage you to talk about Site-76.
    • Discussing or writing about the off-topic stuff can be used here.
  • Third and First-person point of view can be used. For example: the words "you", "me", "I" are allowed.
  • Fanfictions that are violating the Guidelines will either be warned or deleted. Moderation citations will most likely be applied.
  • The Grammar and Spelling Rule does not apply to fanfictions, but it is advised and recommended to do so.
  • You may insert the photos anywhere on your page and size them to whatever you want, but it is typically recommended to be designed good.

Writing A Guide

  • Guides must be written and categorized on User Blogs and are expected to be titled as: User:AUTHOR'S USERNAME/TITLE OF GUIDE
    • Example: User:Dxrknrg/How to rob the Zombie Laboratory
    • The userspace should be your personal FANDOM username, not others
    • Admins may typically move it to a normal article, if they think it is significant enough.
  • Guides must be descriptive enough for the reader to understand.
  • All guides must be Site-76 related. Any article that is not game-related shall be deleted.
  • Punctuation, grammar, spelling are all required.
  • Certain Abbreviations should be avoided, but may be used if they are used in-game. Example: Experience can be shortened to EXP.
  • 2nd point of view may be used when writing guides.
  • When writing how to acquire or perform something, videos or images are highly recommended, but it is your choice.

Color Codes & Icons

Color Codes are colored text that corresponds each subject. For example: Low-Threat would be Low since its infographic is Low. When typing an Infobox, some parts of the contents are required to be colored. In order to input the code, you must switch to Source Edit mode and type down the code.

The "#000000" determines the color of the text using a hex code. You can also use RGB or common color names for this. Find a hex or RGB color picker online or go to  to find colors that you like. You could also use named, like "blue" or "aqua".
-Coding Help Wiki

<span style="color: green;">Text Goes Here</span>


<span style="color:#999900">Text Goes Here</span>


[[File:Deep pockets.png|35px|Money]]


[[File:Level 1 Cl.png|35px|Level 1 Keycard]] 

Level 1 Keycard

Threat Levels

Threat Level Color Code Icon
Low #E1C200 Low-Threat Anomaly
Medium #darkorange Medium-Threat Anomaly
High #crimson High-Threat Anomaly


Keycard Color Code Icon
Level 1 #blue Level 1 Keycard
Level 2 #49A048 Level 2 Keycard
Level 3 #999900 Level 3 Keycard
Level 4 #a85226 Level 4 Keycard
Level 5 #crimson Level 5 Keycard
Level 6 #black Level 6 Keycard


Subject Color Code Icon
33 Damage #red Damage
100 Bullets #darkorange Ammo


Subject Color Code
100 #green
$100 #green
100 EXP #purple
100 Shards #purple


Subject Icon
Costs Money
Rewards Rewards
Times &
Lore SCP Logo
Attack Attack
Weaknesses Weakness