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Updated: October 30th, 2021 (UTC)

Policies and guidelines applying on this wiki are described on this page. Guidelines are recommendations used to resolve conflicts when there is a disagreement on what should be done. Policies, however, are not just recommendations: they are rules that all members of the community must follow. No editor may be blocked for not following a guideline; however, breaking policies may result in disciplinary action ranging from a warning to a permanent suspension.


Fandom Policies

Some FANDOM policies apply to all FANDOM communities. These policies include the terms of use, the privacy policy, and the community creation policy. These policies are created by FANDOM staff, and their enforcement is out of the control of this wiki. However, this wiki specifically enforces the FANDOM Community Guidelines and the user conduct section of the terms of use in addition to the other policies described on this page. Violation of FANDOM policies (ie: death threats, being underage) is grounds for an immediate block.


The Wiki Administration Team is not completely responsible for any disruption of content, vandalization, or such other damaging variations that regard to this Wiki; however, there are preventions, such as, disciplining the offender(s) with moderation punishments that all exceed from warnings to blocks. It is highly advisable that each viewer must notice each pages' content along with their discretion.

List of Conduct Classifications

Each classification accommodates different punishable enforcements. Currently, there are 3 branches distributed among themselves, and each category houses different rules that generalize its own aftermath effect and danger level.

Low-Threat Violations

Low-Threat Violations are various misdemeanors that are not majorly unlawful or severe. Breaking these rules will conventionally lead to a warning or a friendly reminder, depending on how unfavorable the action was.

Medium-Threat Violations

Medium-Threat Violation are multiple regulations that can sometimes be considered as evil or malicious. Violating these enforcements will automatically lead to a temporary block, depending on how damaging the case was.

High-Threat Violations

High-Threat Violations are severe transgressions that are known for being highly malevolent and contravene, that usually involves in harming other users. Any signs of these offenses will result in a immediate termination or a long-awaiting block on-grounds. There will be no warnings under any circumstances.

Conduct Classifications

(List of punishable misdemeanors)

Low-Threat Violations

Breaking these rules will result in a warning then a block for a few days.
Excessively breaking these guidelines will warrant harsher consequences.

Creating Useless Pages

Creating Useless Pages includes creating a page that already exists or doesn't relate to the wiki. Accidentally creating useless pages will warrant warns, but nothing harsh. Purposefully creating spam pages are treated as vandalism and will result in a block. This rule is also part of the Manual of Style.

Avoiding Manual of Style

Very explanatory, but this occurs when a person avoids reading the Manual of Style, then starts editing content that breaks multiple rules within the Manual of Style guidelines. It is REQUIRED to read the FULL documentation of the page, not just partial.


This includes messaging or bypassing any inappropriate language or words in comments/articles/files. Please censor the whole word to avoid cussing. Acronyms like "WTF", "lmao", "asf", etc. are permitted.

Blocked User Discussions

It is completely unreasonable to discuss or talk about Blocked users to the publicity under any circumstances. If you need any assistance regarding file reports, please report it to active Sysops, than bailing it out into the publicity. Talking, discussing, or even chanting blocks regarding a user shall warrant warns.

It should be noted that blocked users are sometimes IP-banned, meaning, they can't interact with the wiki even if they made an alternate account, but they are allowed to browse instead.

Editing Another User's' Profile

Editing other Users' Profiles without permission from the user shall not be tolerated. Their profile information personates them only, and it is surely wrong to add unnecessary beings into the page. Vandalizing or writing unpleasing content will warrant harsher consequences.


Impersonating occurs when one user disguises by either copying another person's avatar (PFP & Username) or attempting to act the same as the targeted victim. The abuser will either attempt rise to power, advantage beneficial respect, or deceiving the victim by brainwashing the others.

Any signs of impersonation will warn the user. If the offender refuses or fails to, they are ensured to be blocked until further notice.


Spamming or Flooding occurs when a user sends an overload amount of messages within the same timeframe. Spamming is occasionally in forums, discussions, or comments; and is not tolerated.

Offensive Media

This rule enforces people from posting footages or media that may be considered as offensive or controversial. Some users may post it maliciously, and some of them may offend users even if they did not intend to.

Medium-Threat Violations

Breaking these rules will result in an instant block for a temporarily amount of time.


Vandalism includes messing up, ruining, or deleting contents from people's personal work or from articles. Minor vandalism will cause accounts to be blocked for a minimum of one month or less. Severe vandalism will lead to longer block durations.


Trolling may be considered as malevolent, and sometimes, it does not. Spamming in comments, harassing random users, etc. will warrant a block or warn, depending on how much damage was proposed.


Bamboozling and "catfishing" users into giving up sensitive information, giving away money, etc., with the false promise of a reward, such as "free Robux".

Disrespecting Others

This includes harassing, bullying, threatening, or "deconstructive" criticism towards a member or group. Do not spread negativity in any type of way to other users within this website.

If you are having trouble interacting with another person due to their unkind behavior, the best and ONLY WAY is to report the offender to an active Sysop/Administrator. Mini-modding and threatening to warn or block the abuser will also get you in trouble.

Controversial Topics

Controversial topics that applies to discussing/writing/posting about religion, politics, tribalism/leadership, current/historic disasters, etc. within the wiki. These topics may provoke/trigger users.

High-Threat Violations

Breaking these rules will result in a long-awaiting or indefinitely block from the wiki.

Accounts and Sockpuppetry

Anyone may create an account on this wiki and use it to contribute. Users can have multiple accounts, but may not use sockpuppets to evade blocks, create a false impression of support for an idea, and more generally deceive or mislead other editors.

Raiding The Wiki

This occurs when a single or multiple users decides to raid this wiki by breaking various enforcements. Planning/threatening to raid the wiki also violates this rule. Using multiple accounts to break the rules is also considered as raiding.

Raiding the Wiki will most likely lead to an immediate termination.

Malicious Offsite Links/QR Codes

Malicious Offsite Links or QR Codes that relates to potential hacking/security breaches or hyperlinking an inappropriate/illegal website will warrant an immediate termination.


All Users are required to be 13+ to have an account on FANDOM (16+ if in the EU), and immaturity is one of the clues that may suspect users as an underage. Although, <13 are allowed to browse this wiki, but they are completely restricted from making an account. Being an underage will result in a immediate termination from the Site 76 Wiki.

Death Threats

Attempting to drive people into a depression disorder by manipulating their minds or sending death threats are unviable to this community. Some users may take this seriously, and they will attempt to hurt themselves. Any signs of a person posting suicidal threats to one of another will be immediately terminated.

If you do not feel comfortable and you think you are being threatened, please report the offender(s) IMMEDIATELY to any active sysops/administrators.

NSFW Content

NSFW Content contains 18+ inappropriate attributions, such as pornography or gore. This also counts as inappropriate usernames/profile pictures, files, mastheads, or discussions. This rule will also apply to topics regarding sexual orientations, which is completely prohibited on the wiki as well.

Leaking Future Update Spoilers

This includes leaking/posting unreleased spoilers in the wiki, without the consent/permission from the developers' authority. It is also typically recommended to ask the Wiki Administration Team for any suggestions.

Exploiting, abusing glitches, hacking into the game's database, or accessing the game's test servers without formal authorization, to discover future update spoilers will result in a possible indefinitely block from the wiki.

Warnings and Blocks

No sanction may be applied to a user for not following a guideline, as guidelines are only present to resolve disagreements between users. Sanctions may be applied to users who do not follow a policy, but, if they are contributing in good faith, this should only be done after they have been warned and notified of the policies, such as by a message placed on their talk page or message wall. Editors should not remove any warnings from their message wall, as this serves as documentation regarding what actions have previously been taken for policy violations and ensures consistent application of wiki policies to all editors

The wiki's warning system provides multiple opportunities for editors to resolve policy violations before they are blocked. Editors who are found to be acting in malice are exempt from this and maybe immediately sanctioned.

Block length Intended use
1 day First-time minor policy violations after being warned previously. Includes violations like non-encyclopedic profanity, comment abuse
3 days
1 week
2 weeks Repeated minor policy violations. Engaging in edit warring, persistent non-encyclopedic swearing, posting of PG-13+ content.
1 month Repeated policy violations or first-time infraction of a major policy with previous warnings. Violation of Wikia's Terms of Service or other Fandom policies (ie: making death threats); any sort of vandalism will receive a sanction no shorter than 1 month. Due to COPPA laws, underage editors on the wiki will have their accounts blocked until they are 13.
2 months
3 months
6 months
1 year
2 years
Indefinite Very major policy violations, including repeated and severe vandalism or vandal attacks, exploitation into developers' test servers, violation of Wikia's Terms of Service or other Fandom policies, account abuse (ie: spambotting, sockpuppetry), uploading of pornographic images.


The reminders can be considered verbal warnings, they do not count as a warning and are issued by administrators when an editor breaks a rule unknowingly. It can be transformed into a warning when the editor breaks too many rules