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Administrators are trusted users that were nominated by the Bureaucrats.

These members consist of extra user rights/features in order to maintain quality on the wiki. They are responsible for the safekeeping of the wiki, such as keeping it clean and consistent. They aren't just used for patrolling or moderation purposes, but they also have the clearance to view hidden Special Pages, like the Admin Dashboard, and the ability to edit the format/design of the website.


  • All privileges are the same from both the Content Moderator and Discussions Moderator groups.
  • Blocking users from editing and other actions.
  • Protecting and deleting pages/articles/images.
  • Lend and revoke the Discussion Moderator role.
  • Edit the community's theme and format.
  • Editing granted for Top-Navigation Bar.

Due to them having a lot of moderation accessibilities, they are represented as the "police" of the wiki.


Bureaucrats are commonly comprised YGW Admins, developers, or the Founder of the Wiki that were automatically promoted to this rank. This level is the highest administration rank and the central command of the wiki.

They have the same rights as Admins, but they are given extra and more powerful abilities that all benefit to preserve the healthy management of the wiki. They have the ability to promote users with various ranks or revoke rollbacks, as well as hiring new bureaucrats.

Requirement Guides

  • In order to become a Administrator, it is presumed you must have a respectable amount of wiki edits to earn it, along with wiki experience. YGW Community Moderators may receive an automatic promotion. Contacting the Bureaucrats via Discord, than using the Message Wall, is typically recommended.
    • Upon requesting for the role, Dhammapada, or Dhammas, will most likely review your wiki edits and contributions. It is not required to be a Paid Access Supporter to become a Wiki admin. The application results may take days or weeks, depending how busy he is.
  • In order to become a Bureaucrat, you must be the Founder of the Wiki or a YGW Community Admin.


  • Seeing a star on a comment's PFPs indicates they are either a Bureaucrat or Sysop.
  • More information on Sysops/Bureaucrats/User Rights can be found here.

List of Bureaucrats & Admins



Acebatonfan, also known as Ace, is the Founder of the Site 76 Wiki and is the first Bureaucrat. She was very active during the early period of the Wiki, but not so much anymore.

Ace rarely interacts with the wiki alongside with the YGW community, due to her being a nurse in real life. Although, she is active on Discord and on the Roblox Wiki.



Dhammas, or Dhammapada, is one of the developers & administrators for Yellow Gearworks and Site-76: Prison Anomalies. He manages and works on 3D modeling, building, and networking around the game.

Dhammas is not very active on the wiki and only pops in to promote users. He is mostly active on the YGW Discord Server.



Arcrosys, or lndomitus, is one of the administrators for Yellow Gearworks. He runs the social media regarding to Yellow Gearworks, like Twitter or Discord.

He is mostly active on the YGW Community, and interacts with the users.



Totomavde, also known as Toto, was one of the earliest and most prominent editors during the beginning of the Wiki. Though he is no longer as active, he still occasionally edits from time-to-time. He was also the first user promoted to adminstrator.

Though he may not interact with the Wiki community as much, Toto still maintains an active presence and is well known on the Yellow Gearworks Discord. Toto is also a QA Tester for the YGW Group.


AddustBrushYTalt RBX

AddustBrushYTalt RBX, commonly known as Addust, was one of the earliest and most prominent editors during the beginning of the Site 76 Wiki, similar to Toto. He sometimes communicates and socializes with the wiki community, but has slowly faded away from activity. He also reviews reports and moderates offenders. Even though he may not edit as much, he is known for the amount of fanfictions he created.



RealDudeOhYeah, or LittleQuesooo, is an inactive editor and administrator. He was very well known for revising/proofreading and keeping the wiki articles consistent. He joined the wiki in June 2020, but he has slowly declined activity progressively. He and Dxrknrg were promoted to administrator by Dhammapada on April 8th, 2021. Most of the maps on the wiki are created by him.



Dxrknrg, or TheLobsterDood, is one of the most active administrators and editors on this list as well. He is the newest user to be promoted to admin, as he started editing the wiki until December. He and RealDudeOhYeah were promoted to administrator by Dhammapada on April 8th, 2021, due to their impressive amount of work on the wiki. He has created many navigation templates and has helped many users structure or write their fanfics.

He is also a QA Tester for Yellow Gearworks.