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The Skeleton Key is a low-threat anomaly contained in the Research Wing's Science Vault right across from the Desert Tetrahedron.


The Skeleton Key has the unique property of being able to open any regular door in Site-76. It can open any door ranging from those with Level 1 to Level 6 Clearance and can also breach or unlock any anomaly in the facility. However, it can not be used to open sealed or locked doors.

The Skeleton Key can be used to open the locked chest in the Secure Storage Locker located in Heavy Containment. The chest holds Part A of the Minigun and is required in its creation.

The Skeleton Key can also be given as a task from a Marshall Carter Dark Agent and rewards the player $1200 and 100 EXP


The Skeleton Key is protected by an arrangement of lasers that shield it. The lasers kill players instantly on contact and must be disabled in order to access the Key. There is a green button nearby its chamber that disables the laser for 10 seconds before they turn back on. Players that are holding the Key will have their name shown on the Key Holder Screen in its chamber.

Version History

This is a list of known updates to the Skeleton Key.

  • b.0.1.957 - Skeleton Key gets a new containment chamber and is moved into the Science Vault. Clearance level is also reduced from Level 2 to Level 1.
  • b.0.1.55 - There is now a monitor that shows who currently is holding the Skeleton Key
  • b.0.1.5 - Skeleton Key gets an updated icon image.
  • b.0.1.3 - Skeleton Key's reward from a Marshall Carter Dark Agent is raised from $85 to $1500.


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