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The Suit Man is a high-threat anomaly and is unique in the fact that it has no containment chamber and can not be contained.

Appearance and Behavior

The Suit Man resembles a human male and is dressed in a black business suit and a fedora of the same color. The Suit Man uses the same uniform as an Overseer and is faceless but does have indentations where its mouth would be.

He can occasionally be seen walking at a medium pace through hallways in certain parts of Site-76.

The Suit Man only appears to the viewer and cannot be seen by other players who are in the locations that he walks through, even if from the viewer's perspective they can be seen walking next to him.

If the player tries to follow the Suit Man, they will notice that he has disappeared and is no longer there. If the viewer manages to catch up to the Suit Man fast enough, he can be seen disintegrating into a cloud of smoke.

Containment Chamber

Suit Man does not have a containment chamber since it is impossible to contain. Conspiracies say the Level 990 Door may be related to the Suit Man due to the Suit Man being based of SCP-990. Or, the Level 990 Door may just be an Easter Egg.


There are six locations where the Suit Man can be seen:


Players that view the Suit Man in all six of his locations earn the badge, "Am I... Dreaming?


  • The Suit Man uses The Classic ROBLOX Fedora available on the ROBLOX Catalog.
  • One of the main Yellow Gearworks Moderators confirmed the Suit Man is based off of one of the Yellow Gearworks Developers.
    • It has been theorized it is based off of Developer OIdMachine due to him being so much similar as Suit Man, as the suit suggests.
  • The Suit Man is also known as The Dream Man.
  • There is a huge watermark written he Suit Man's photo infographic writing "Artist Depiction." The reason it is pasted on there is because it is not actually the real Suit Man, the Foundation cannot capture a live photo of the Suit Man, since it's enigmatic.
  • The only main sectors the Suit Man does not appear in, is the Heavy Containment Zone, Maintenance Tunnels, and Research Wing.
  • The Suit Man can drop a wallet upon disappearing.
  • The artist depiction shows the Suit Man in a prisoner cell.


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