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The Telekill Alloy is a medium-threat anomaly sealed in the Light Containment Zone. They are one of the 5 heistable anomalies within Site-76.

Appearance and Effects

The Telekill Alloys are a collection of greenish ingots sealed off in their own vault. The Telekill Alloys do not show any noticeable anomalous behaviors besides their strange reflections. Their only purpose in-game is to act as heist items.

Containment and Heist

The entrance to the Telekill Alloy's Vault is a large and rectangular room. Nothing of importance is located in the room besides some shelves and barrels. At the end of this room their is a destructible wall that leads into the Telekill Alloy Vault. The wall can be destroyed using C4 or other explosive which will then begin the Telekill Alloy Heist.

The Vault is V-shaped and is protected by two Turrets on each side. These Turrets have around 850 HP and will target and fire at any non-Foundation member which includes Prisoners and Chaos Insurgents. The Turrets can be easily destroyed by using long range guns like the AK-47 and UMP-45 and by only attacking during the Turret's short cooldown phase. However, they can be repaired by the Foundation if they have a Wrench.

Inside the Vault, there is a total of 39 ingots of the Telekill Alloy. They are placed and separated onto platforms on each side of the Vault. Each Telekill Alloy can be sold to a Marshall Carter Dark Agent for $350 and ??? EXP. This totals up to $1750 per visit if the player has no Character Perks.

Version History

This is a list of known updates to the Telekill Alloy.

  • b.0.1.8 - The Telekill Alloy's vault gets a more detailed vault.
  • b.0.1.3 (?) - The Telekill Alloy gets a remodeled vault. Instead of it being shaped like a square, it is now shaped like a V.
  • b.0.1.2 - The Telekill Alloy's containment gains two Turrets in its containment chamber. Also gets a new icon image.


Currently, there are 5 badges related to the Telekill Alloy, those are:

  • Luddite - Destroy a Turret found in the Telekill Alloy's containment.
  • Automator - Repair a Turret that has been destroyed in the Telekill Alloy's containment.
  • Heist Lockdown- As Security, be in a heist chamber as it expires.
  • Bust of a Lifetime - As Security or Internal Security arrest a Prisoner or Chaos Insurgent who had 10 heist items in their inventory.
  • Exotic Dealings - Sell a heisted anomaly to a Marshall Carter Dark Agent.


  • Don't use the Disguise Kit because the turrets will still fire at you.
  • This is close to the MTF spawn, so you should be prepared for Trigger-Happy MTF wanting to claim your bounty.
  • Use rifles as there are long hallways in this heist.
  • You only need to take out one of the turrets if you have the Lovecraftian locket.


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