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Tesla Gates are security gates that outline all containment access areas. When active, the gates deliver a delayed electrical shock every few seconds. The electrical zap will instantly kill and electrocute anybody who is caught.

The Telsa Gate's electricity is able to kill certain anomalies, which makes it an easy way for Foundation members to contain Anomalies. Tesla Gates do not affect the Old Man, the Eye Pods, The Sculpture, or the Shy Guy.

Players who are killed by a Tesla Gate receive the Fly Zapper Badge and those who repair one receive the No More Mosquitos Badge.

Power Box

On one side of the Tesla Gate is a Power Box that controls the status of the Tesla Gate. Prisoner and the Chaos Insurgency are able to break the Power Box to disable the Tesla Gate; breaking it will award the player(s) Money and Experience. If the Power Box is broken, then the Tesla Gate will not produce electricity; the Gate requires it to be fixed by a Wrench.

Overseers, Scientists, and the Site Director can disable the Tesla Gate using their Tablet; the Tesla Gate will re-activate when the user who disabled the Tesla Gate is no longer nearby.

Sound Effects

Tesla Gate Electricity

Tesla Gate Breaking


There are currently 6 Locations where the Tesla Gates are deployed.