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The Mask is a high-threat anomaly located in the Heavy Containment Zone. It is one of the playable anomalies, but can only be used by Prisoners. It is unique as it is the only anomaly that can escape the Site.

Appearance and Effects

The Mask is a Roman comedy mask that emits unknown fluids from the eyes and mouth. When a Prisoner puts on the mask their max health is raised to 200 HP. The player wearing The Mask cannot participate in Heists nor release other anomalies, but the player can use regular weapons, use Ammo Cans, and most importantly known for granting the immunity to other anomalies. The user will be subjected to the Anomalies team as The Mask. If a player escapes as The Mask, they will get $1,500 and 725 EXP.

Containment Cell

The Mask is one of the hardest anomalies to contain and successfully secure due to its corrosive effects. The Mask requires the utmost protection, as seen with the Level 5 Clearance needed to open the box. Once it's on on the player's face, there's no turning back, unless if the host dies.

The Mask's Containment Cell is located in the Heavy Containment Zone. It is housed in a medium sized room that appears to be corroding as shown by the floor and walls. The Mask is locked up in a sealed container that is shielded with strong metallic iron-boarded windows, and a keycard identifier attached. The sealed container is controlled by a rope, it can either rise to the roof, or fall to the ground. The rope is controlled by a green button in the observation room.

In the Observation Room, there are tables and windows for observing the Mask. The windows are corroded, making it hard to observe.

Re-Containment Strategies

The most effective way to kill The Mask is to use the Rocket Launcher. A single rocket can kill The Mask in one shot. A Flamethrower or a Minigun is also another efficient way to counter The Mask. Guns are also a decent way to kill The Mask.

DO NOT use the Taser or Handcuffs to counter The Mask. It is immune to Taser and Handcuffs since it's an anomaly.


  • The Mask can not be released as an NPC.
  • Somewhat around pre-b.0.2.031, The Mask was able to hurt or damage Player-Controlled Anomalies with weapons. It was confirmed this was a glitch.
  • The Mask is the only anomaly in the game that can escape as a Prisoner for additional Cash and EXP.
  • The Mask is the only anomaly in the game that can not be played or released by the Chaos Insurgency. The Prisoner Team is the only team that can release and play as The Mask.
  • The Mask is the only anomaly in the game that can arm or disarm the Omega Warhead.
  • The Mask can not wear or use other anomalies (Example: The Mask is unable to wear the Lovecraftian Locket)
  • According to the SCP Wiki, The Mask (SCP-035) can cause a corrosiveness or a decaying effect to the user who is playing as The Mask or any object coming into contact with The Mask. But, The Mask based on Site-76 does not cause any decaying effects to the person who is wearing The Mask. So you can be The Mask as long as you want to, until you die by death factors or escaping.
  • The Mask is unable to be dropped or unequipped. The only way to unequip The Mask is by escaping, leaving, or by dying.
  • The Mask is vulnerable to the NPC Shy Guy as it can be killed from the NPC Shy guy as well as enraging it, this doesnt happen with player controlled Shy Guy.
  • The Mask makes an special appearence as a playable skin in Pirate Clash, for more info click here.
  • The Mask is affected by Character Perks


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