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Remember: Maintain Eye Contact

The Sculpture is a sentient and violent roughly humanoid statue made primarily composed of concrete and rebar. It is extremely hostile and animate, rushing to the nearest player at high speeds. It kills via snapping at the base of the neck. However, is unable to move while being watched. This is by far the most hated anomaly.


The Sculpture is unable to move or attack when within a direct line of sight of a player. Players must have their characters facing directly at The Sculpture for it to work. Viewing the anomaly with the 3rd person camera does not count. When not being viewed, or if the viewer is blinking, the anomaly will rush towards the nearest player at a high speed and instantly kill them upon making contact. The Sculpture will be locked in place whenever stumbling upon one or more instances of the Eye Pods anomaly.

While moving, The Sculpture will makes a distinct concrete scraping sound. The Sculpture will emit the noise of a bone crunch whenever killing a player.

Like other NPC anomalies, The Sculpture will teleport near players if there are none in its immediate area.

Containment Chamber

The Sculpture appears to be locked up in a huge metallic room. There are two heavy-duty gates and strong metallic rusted walls for sealing The Sculpture. No buttons are allowed to be in the cell at all times; there can only be a button outside the cell. This gate must remain shut at all times, and further researching or testing inside the cell is prohibited. The containment chamber contains multiple dirty bloody stains and feces on the floor. There are also two brooms outside its containment insinuating that the cell is possibly cleaned from time to time, for the outside of the room there is a observation area and on the side there's a hanger this was most likely taken from SCP: Containment Breach where the Security Guard would stand, there is a single job Terminal located there but no shop terminal.

To release The Sculpture, there are two releasement buttons provided. One on the balcony on the walls, and another one next to the gate. If a player releases it, they will have to escape before The Sculpture has fully breached. If the player does not escape in time, they will have to stare at it until they either die or find a safe area. The player has a few second head-start after The Sculpture breaches to get far away from it.

Re-containment Strategy

The most reliable way of re-containing The Sculpture is with normal firearms. Keep in mind that this takes a bit of time, but is the most common and easiest way of doing so. Some more situational solutions can also be used to contain the Sculpture much quicker. The Explosive Bat can be used to destroy The Sculpture with only 3 hits which makes it very effective, but is unlikely to help anyone not prepared to encounter the Sculpture. Another good tool is use a Rocket Launcher. This however, comes with the downside of it costing a lot of money since the Rocket Launcher itself is worth over $100,000 and the cost of Rockets can quickly add up.

Another tool that can assist in containing the Sculpture are the Eye Pods. The Eye Pods themselves, can not contain the Sculpture, but they give some time for the player to damage it or escape. Remember that the Eye Pods will only stay for around a minute, so it is best to be prepared for when they leave. The Stony Gaze perk is also useful as it doubles the time players take to blink, making it easier to avoid The Sculpture.

It is recommended not to use melee weapons, fists, or a Flamethrower to contain the Sculpture. Having multiple people to cover you is a good way to protect yourself from the anomaly. More eyes, more protection.


Currently there are 3 Badges available for The Sculpture:

  • Nice Neck - Get killed by The Sculpture
  • Modern Problems, Modern Solutions - Destroy The Sculpture with the Explosive Bat, pick up the dropped item, and open it.
  • Old Fashioned Sculpting - Destroy The Sculpture with a Sledgehammer

Notes and Trivia

  • According to Site-76 lore, it was carved by the Group of Interest "Are We Cool Yet?". This is based of a SCP-173 fest tale commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the SCP Wiki, which also started with SCP-173.
  • The "Are We Cool Yet?". That Was It?" line is a reference to the end of the tale.
  • There were no rewards given for re-containing The Sculpture before February 4th, 2020.
  • The Sculpture used to not react to players viewing it through transparent objects. This was changed in b.0.1.1845.
  • The Sculpture is often referred to as "Peanut", "The Statue", "Walnut", or such other variations.
  • The Sculpture has a unique death particle of dust whenever it is killed; similar to Suit Man's vanishing effect.
  • The Sculpture is currently the fastest anomaly in-game. Where the second fastest is Shy Guy where it is on it's rage state.
  • The Sculpture has the most HP out of all anomalies.
  • The Sculpture's walking sound effect is almost the same sound effect as opening a vent.
  • The Sculpture's original model was based more closely to SCP-173's model, but likely due to copyright reasons/restrictions, it was changed into its own unique model.


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