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Holiday Exclusive
This page details a piece of Holiday exclusive content that may not be currently obtainable.

The Vampire is an original anomaly, exclusive to the Spooktober event. It is located in Heavy Containment between the Shadow Child and the Burning Man's containment chambers.

Once The Vampire has breached, it will chase the nearest player to attempt to bite them. After The Vampire bites a player, it will use its ability to run away. The anomaly emits a red aura which makes it easy to detect as seen in the infobox. 

Feral Vampire

If a player is bitten, they will be turned into a Feral Vampire. They have 500 Health Points and need blood to survive. If they do not fill up their blood bar by killing people, they will slowly lose health until they reach 1 HP, similar to the Zombie Pathogen. Feral Vampires have an ability that temporarily makes them immune to damage. They cannot bite other players.

Feral Vampire Abilities

Ability Description
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Allows the player to turn into a swift cloud of smoke and makes them invincible to all types of damage. The player can not attack during this state or cancel out of it. Being in this state is faster than running.


The Vampire's containment chamber is at the intersection of the Burning Man and the Shadow Child.

To re-contain The Vampire the player will need to stun it and use the Wooden Stake on it in a similar way to the Plague Doctor. If nobody uses the Wooden Stake on The Vampire it will get back up. Said Wooden Stake can be found in The Vampire's Crypt, alongside the Broken Sword.


There are 2 Badges related to the The Vampire:

  • Evil Essence - Kill The Vampire during Spooktober and pick up the dropped Scarlet Potion
  • Nosferatu - Have the The Vampire turn you into a Feral Vampire during Spooktober.


  • The Vampire cannot be tracked by Mobile Task Force contract.
  • The Vampire can be released by Foundation personnel.
  • Feral Vampires use the same walking and attacking animations as the Wendigo Skull.
  • Feral Vampires are not counted as part of the anomaly team.
  • If a player uses the swift cloud of smoke red eyes will appear, if The Vampire uses the swift cloud of smoke red eyes will not appear.
  • The Feral Vampire will stay on the same team if you become one. So Perks like Brawler still work.


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