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Wild Goose Chase is a Golden Badge in Site-76: Prison Anomalies. This Badge requires the player to scavenge 5 different Polaroids scattered across Site-76. There are no special in-game rewards when completing this quest, but you will receive a Badge instead.



Each polaroid references various Roblox celebrities that either contributed, collaborated, or helped Yellow Gearworks.

Name Contributions
InceptionTime He is a ROBLOX Intern, an affiliate, and a community helper in the YGW Group.
DeeterPlays Famous Roblox Youtuber and he collaborated with Developer Dhammapada by playing Site-76: Prison Anomalies with him. There was also a special Code regarding him.
Flamingo He is a very popular Roblox Youtuber, and he played all of Yellow Gearworks' games, which is Site-76: Prison Anomalies and Witching Hour.
DieSoft He is a popular Roblox Developer known for his creation of multiple UGC Items. He earned the Affiliate role in the YGW Group, and he 3D modeled UGC accessories regarding Yellow Gearworks.
Androxius He is an iconic Contributor in YGW, and is part of the Developers' friends. He also helped in Site-76: Prison Anomalies for a very long time, such as, voicing the Femur Breaker's scream and referenced by the Riot Vendor.



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