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Yellow Gearworks is a ROBLOX group currently owned by Felgrim, but was originally owned by OIdMachine. The group is well known for their two games, Witching Hour and Site-76: Prison Anomalies.

Group Roles

Yellow Gearworks currently has 8 unique roles:

  1. Supporters - Supporters are the basic and default role in the Yellow Gearworks group. They don't have any special privileges and is unable to discuss in the group wall.
  2. Community - Community Role Members and users that have reached Level 20 on the Yellow Gearworks Discord. They are able to chat on the group wall.
  3. Sponsor - Sponsors are users who purchased the Sponsor T-Shirt while it was still available. They received their ranks by contacting an admin through the YGW Discord. They can leave messages on the group wall.
  4. Affiliates - Affiliates are people who are affiliated with Yellow Gearworks, it is unknown what they can do with the group.
  5. Community Moderator - Community Moderators are people who moderate/patrol the community and can ban people. They have several exclusive features and powers in-game, as well as the group.
  6. Contributor - Contributors are people who have who have actively helped with development (via commission or viral long-term testing) of Yellow Gearworks' products or games. It is unknown what they can do with the group.
  7. Admin - Admins are the administrators of Yellow Gearworks. They have the same rights as moderators, but can also do a lot with the group. Game developers are automatically promoted to this role.
  8. Owner - The owner is the leader or head administrator of the group.

Admins and Developers


Dhammapada is a Roblox QA Tester, developer, and the creator of Yellow Gearworks. He mainly works on 3D modeling, building, and networking.

He joined Roblox on 8/8/10 and has ~2300 place visits.


Felgrim is a UGC Creator, developer, and the current owner of Yellow Gearworks. He mainly works on game art, graphics, and 3D modeling.

He joined Roblox on 12/15/12 and has ~300 place visits.


Arkanorum is an alt-account of Felgrim. It is mainly used for testing purposes.

The account was created on 7/23/13 and has ~0 place visits.


helloguys34 is an animator and developer for Yellow Gearworks. He creates the various animations used in-game.

He joined Roblox on 12/14/11 and has ~2300 place visits.


OIdMachine is a Roblox QA Tester, developer, and the Lead Programmer for Yellow Gearworks.

He joined Roblox on 7/27/09 and has ~800 place visits.


Indomitus is an admin and the Social Community Manager for Yellow Gearworks. He manages the Yellow Gearworks Discord Server and Twitter.

He joined Roblox on 8/25/08 and has ~1300 place visits.

Games and History

Yellow Gearworks was created on 07/24/2017 by Dhammapada. Ownership has passed from him to Felgrim, to OIdMachine, and back to Felgrim, where it currently sits.

Witching Hour

Witching Hour is Yellow Gearworks' first project and first released game. It was released on August 29th, 2018. The game is a plate-based minigame where players need to survive on platforms and be the last one standing.

The game was in early-access upon its release and entered a free-to-play state later on.

However, the game's community has shown signs of inactivity due to the lack of updates.


Powerbond was Yellow Gearworks' second project, which unfortunately, ended up being cancelled early in its life. Power Bond was first revealed on December 12th, 2018, and was later delved into more on January 20th, 2019.

The game was planned to be an online trading card game that would be cross-compatible with Mobile and PC. It would feature a lobby and global ranking system. It was planned to go into beta testing in February or mid-March.

However, by the 27th of February, the game had been cancelled. This was due to the game being more of a handful than what was initially thought by the developers.

Site-76: Prison Anomalies

Site 76.jpeg

Site-76: Prison Anomalies is Yellow Gearworks' third project and second released game. It was first revealed on December 31st, 2019 and would be heavily inspired off the SCP Universe and the gameplay of Space Station 13.

The game was in early-access on January 26, 2020, and went free-to-play on October 28, 2020. Site-76 was initially planned to become free-to-play much later in its life, but due to unknown reasons, got released much earlier then expected.

Site-76 has managed to maintain an active community thanks to the game's constant stream of updates keeping the game fresh, though this active cycle of updates is currently slowing down. Due to the active development of Yellow Gearworks' fourth project, Pirate Clash, major updates for Site-76 won't come out and small/patch updates for Site-76 will now generally take longer to come out.

Pirate Clash

Pirate Clash.png

Pirate Clash is Yellow Gearworks' fourth project and is actively being worked on alongside Site-76.

The game was released on December, 23rd 2021 for free.