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The Yellow Gearworks Discord Server is a Discord server created by the Yellow Gearworks Developers. The Server hosts a few subcommunities in it such as one for Yellow Gearworks' first game, Witching Hour. Site-76 has its own subcommunity within the server which serves to inform the community of the game's development, as well as bring them together.

In there, you can hangout with the community, report exploiters/file report, or catch up on the latest news on games and announcements. Also, you can gain more levels in the Discord server by talking a lot or being active; making you have more access to the server.

Invite Link

Games and Communities

  • Yellow Gearworks Community
  • yes-games - (Game-night)
  • Site-76
  • Witching Hour
  • Minecraft - (Yellow Gearworks Minecraft Edition)

Categories, Channels, Voice Channels


Announcement Channels

  • Important Announcements
  • Announcements
  • Yellow Gearworks Tweets
  • UGC

Basic Info Channels

  • Rules
  • Joinable Categories

Exploit/Discord Reports

Text Channels

  • Report Channel


Announcement Channels

  • Game-nights

Text Channels

  • General
  • Bot Commands
  • Creations Channel
  • Chef Channel
  • Animal Shrime

Voice Channels

Voice Channels

  • General 1
  • General 2
  • S76 General
  • Music 1
  • Music 2

Text Channels

  • No Mic
  • S76 No Mic

Announcement Channels

  • Sponsor Announcements

Text Channels

  • Sponsor Development-Preview
  • Sponsor Chat


Announcement Channels

  • Site-76 Announcements
  • Site-76 Poll and Featured Suggestions

Text Channels

  • Site-76 Chat
  • Site-76 Suggestions and Feedback - (Must be Chat Level 10+ to talk in this channel) This channel has been archivated
  • Founder Chat - (Must be a Paid Access to talk in this channel)


Announcement Channels

  • Minecraft Announcements

Basic Info Channels

  • Minecraft Rules
  • Minecraft Tutorial

Text Channels

  • Minecraft Chat

Witching Hour

Announcement Channels

  • Witching Hour Announcements
  • Witching Hour Chat


Roles have different features, abilities, and requirements. Obtaining roles requires you to do simple or hard tasks. Default Role

  • Supporter

Joinable Roles

  • Yellow Gearworks Community
  • Site 76: Prison Anomalies
  • Witching Hour
  • Minecraft

Level Roles - (Level Roles are not based on the game, it is based on the user's chat experience. Level Roles are obtainable by talking a lot and interacting with the group. Level Ranks are infinity, and it depends on Carl-Bot's rank system.)

  • Community - (Reach Level 20)
  • Level 10 - (Lowest Level Rank)

Purchasing Roles

  • Server Booster
  • Sponsor- (10% discount on all items in Site 76, and chat tags in Site-76 and Witching Hour, the Chaos Insurgency Perma-Unlock pass, and sponsor only channels.)
  • Site-76 Founder - (Paid Supporter and Free Special Access to Founders Chat)


  • Yellow Gearworks - (Main Bot of The Server)
  • Carl-Bot
  • Rhythm 1
  • Rhythm 2
  • Rhythm 3

Top Tier Roles

  • Admin - (Highest Role)
  • Chef of The Gearworks - (Be the most elite chef of the server :3)
  • Contributor - [(Users who have actively helped with development (via commission or viral long-term testing) of Yellow Gearworks' products or games.)]
  • Community Moderator
  • Shadow Fork - QA Testers for Bug Reports

Rules and Requirements

As normal, Yellow Gearworks has many rules you will have to comply in order to be part of the server. Failing to cooperate or unfollowing the rules will lead to a minor to severe moderation act.

  1. The Discord is an English speaking server.
  2. Keep relevant topics in the correct channels.
  3. Don't mass ping, or ping without reason.
  4. Respect fellow users and do not harass, provoke or instigate fights.
  5. Don't post NSFW or questionable content or emojis. This includes seizure-inducing gifs or emojis. This is a PG server.
  6. No swearing or profanity, abbreviations included, 'lmao' is acceptable. Bypassing is not allowed
  7. Don't post about controversial topics. These include race, religion, politics, and sensitive topics.
  8. Don't discuss or joke about your age.
  9. Don't spam.
  10. Don't advertise - this includes discord invites, YT channels, etc.
  11. Don't post fake pings. (i.e. screenshot of @Admin)
  12. No deep-fried audio in the voice channels. Embedded videos that have deep fried audio, or are loud, should come with a warning.
  13. Respect any final decision(s) that admins or moderators make - no backtalk.
  14. Admins may ban at their own discretion without a given reason.
  15. Do not post any sketchy-looking links.
  16. Discord Terms of Services apply here - custom Discord clients are forbidden.
  17. Report all exploits in the report channel.


  • Users must be 13+ age or older to join the server, due to the Discord Terms of Services.
  • BetterDiscord and other modified clients are banned.
  • Users must have either a Roblox Account or a Verification to pass the verification test.

Formal Contributors

These people was recruited from the Yellow Gearworks Admins, and they have duties to help the community.


(Meeting the Admins in a Site-76 server game will award you The Administrator badge)

Chef of the Gearworks